James White ate my hamster


Battered student cooked housemate's hamster in frying pan. WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGE


• Hammered student cooked housemate’s hamster in frying pan
• James White was so drunk he was “on the point of madness”
• He narrowly escaped jail because hamster may have been dead before he cooked it.

It was a quiet day spent running on her wheel and rolling in sawdust.

So imagine the horror for the Syrian hamster who was COOKED in a frying pan by a drunken politics student.

York student James White was so drunk he was “on the point of madness” when he fried his housemate’s beloved pet.

White, 21, landed 120 hours of community service after pleading guilty at Selby magistrate’s court.

James White was drunk “on the point of madness”

He escaped jail after lawyers failed to prove the animal was alive when put on the hob. The hamster may have already died from White’s rough handling.

District judge Roy Anderson told him: “What happened that night is still shrouded in mystery. By virtue of your treatment of this small, unfortunate rodent you have destroyed your good character and acquired a criminal conviction.

The story is a haunting echo of The Sun’s infamous front page: ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster’

“It is accepted now that there was rough handling of that animal but it could not be established that it was putting it in the frying pan and applying heat that caused its death.

“Had that sadistic conduct been established I would be dealing with you in a far more serious way than I am.”

Earlier the prosecution told how police were called to White’s halls on February 2. When they arrived they noticed a strong smell coming from the kitchen. A frying pan containing a dead hamster was sitting next to the hob.

A blind drunk White confessed to officers he had cooked the creature, but began acting even more strange – answering “1,2,3,4” when asked for his name.

White was banned from keeping animals from eight years and fined £1,000 in costs.

Photo issued by the RSPCA

A York University spokesman said: “We note the decision of the court. As this matter has not been raised formally as a disciplinary issue under university regulations, we propose to take no further action.”

  • grit bin

    Thought this was our new NUS Delegate, what a letdown.

  • grit bin

    By virtue of your treatment of this small, unfortunate rodent you have destroyed your good character and acquired a criminal conviction.

  • Kirsty

    You deserve the same pain you inflicted on this innocent being. 8 years what a joke when will we as a country punish these people for what they have done. Of this was a child they would be jailed for life but apparently animals are considered less. Rot in hell you sick excuse for a human.

    • Well yes

      It is generally considered quite a bit worse to cook human beings.

      • Caius Buttery

        Fried Hamster is considered something of a delicacy round these parts. #RomanStyle

      • Anonymous

        Society says it is but actually how is it?

        • Well…

          Have you ever squashed a spider?

  • But seriously

    …fined £1000 in costs for a hamster?

    • Kirsty

      In response to “but seriously” you sicken me too a hamster is a life and I am pretty sure that in some nations you can buy a child for £5 so in that light we should only charge child abusers with the same slap dash approach.???

      • Are you real?

        I have read two posts by “Kirsty” and already think you must be a joke person

        • Anonymous

          Joke I am not you on the other hand are. Just shows the low scum

    • Yeah,

      legal costs. You know, those things you have to pay when you take things to court. Those things that typically the losing party pays.

      Yeah, that.

  • Anonymous

    Please someone, post his address online so that he can be dealt with properly

    • District Judge Roy Anderson

      Mate, I’ve already got this shit covered

  • Kirsty

    I agree if we as a nation publish sex offenders address then we should do the same for these awful sick cretins. In response to “but seriously” you sicken me too a hamster is a life and I am pretty sure that in some nations you can buy a child for £5 so in that light we should only charge child abusers with the same slap dash approach.???

    • You seem to be all out of commas.

      Here, have some of mine:


      • Heartless people annoy me

        Commenting on a issue like this and all you can do is comment on my grammar!! Clearly heartless.

        • ian

          shut up

          • Edu

            Wow your super intellegent two words together you astound me! Now for making a sentence if its not too much stress for you!!!

            • Education

              Please don’t attack someone’s intelligence whilst exhibiting such poor grammar.

              • Anonymous

                When you actually grow up and no longer live with mummy dearest I will count you worthy of my time and worth listening to, until such a time keep cuddling your mummy.

                • Inference Police

                  Well, that’s one inference too far, sonny boy! You’re nicked.

            • Spelling?
              • Grammar Police

                Seems we have our work cut out for us here. Might as well outsource ourselves to G4S and be done with it…

        • Grammar Supreme Court

          I think you are confusing heartlessness with a commitment to good grammar. My colleague on comma patrol was merely pointing out some deficiencies in written communication which we hope will be rectified in future comments.

    • Kirsty = Joke

      See name…

  • Kirsty

    And to think York university is willing to support such a person and take no action says as much for them as James white himself.

    • Sarah

      Totally behind you. Poor show as a uni

  • Wow

    how do these commenters stumble onto the tab?

    • I think

      It’s just a pun on the well known headline “Jasper carrot ate my hamster”.

    • ?stumble?

      Maybe because the Internet is a wonderful thing!! Stumble we did not although I guess uni is all about stumbling around so ……… Ok it’s ground you are sure of!

      • Nice attempt at an intelligent response

        Shame you haven’t managed to pull it off

  • Exaggerated title?

    Clearly he didn’t eat the hamster… I mean there’s a picture of it and everything.

  • Curious

    I read your comment, glanced at the URL which reads
    and was about to lambast you for your idiocy. Then I read the page title which omits the “nearly”. Thank God I checked.

  • RSPCLobsterz

    i assume kirsty’s not a fan of lobster then…

  • Nick Harris

    was right not to let him into Life

    • He comments where he wants

      He comments where he wants/Nick Harris is going national/ he comments where he wants

      • So does

        Alex Jackman. Yeah I made the call. #GoatPostFame #HeadyHeights

  • wow

    That is one flat hamster.

  • The hamster warrior

    Lets fry that fucker up!!

  • Gopi Patel

    This is disgusting!
    Would have been much nicer with some kind of tomato source…

  • avenger

    fucking piece of shit, he should be fried to death

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