Camshots: Hot and Wet

GRACE FARMILOE and TOMMY SHANE have hunt down Cambridge's best dressed in this brand new feature.

The current weather reminds me of a woman giving birth: howling, spitting, and shitting everywhere, occasionally broken up by a warm glow that hints at the summer that is to come.

Moseying around Cambridge, we found people layering up with light jackets – savvy? Or did they just optimistically leave their winter clothes at home… I know I did.

Josh, 2nd year Politics at John’s – If Josh gets too hot, he can always grab a Carlo’s

James, 1st year English at John’s – Who needs sunshine with a smile like that?
Suave Suade – Great shoes for the Spring-Summer transition.
Temi, 2nd year Engling at Clare – Stuck between a camera and a hard place.
Alex, 1st year Arch & Anth at Churchill 

Ollie, PHD in English at John’s 

Chloe, 2nd year architect at Caius

  • Gok Wan

    Is it just me or does everyone at John's dress like absolute twats?

    • Statistics

      2/900 =/= trend

      • total tosh!


  • curious

    Who's the guy in the denim jacket with no name? He is definitely the odd one out…

    • he's at


  • SamuelPeeps

    Please say I'm not the only one who misread the title.

    • oh gosh

      …pretty sure that was the whole point…

    • Francis Dearnley

      You stole my joke name and passed it off as your own; I'll steal yours.

  • oof

    that blonde would get it

  • Apple


  • curious

    unsure if 'I'm sorry but' is jealous or just very snobby

    perhaps both

    • well

      Evidently it was a mistake as they replaced the photo and deleted the comment

  • fan

    loving both johnians. love me a bit of beard

  • SFE

    ooh look at me I'm so fucking edgy

    • Joe

      oh god you're a twat. Twat.

  • Yuuuuckkk!!!.

    Am I the only one who found the simile at the beginning of this article unnecessarily nauseating??? I wish I'd stuck to my revision notes now…

  • taddie

    picture does not do the spibdog justice, such a beaut.

  • Is it just me or are all of these people essentially in the same outfit?

    • SFE

      it's because they're so fucking edgy

  • admirer

    first two from John's are gorgeous

  • When did dressing

    like you're homeless become fashionable? Most of these people look like tramps….

    • It's called

      being alternative. You look like a complete idiot but at least you dress differently.

      • pff

        Dressing alternatively, just like all your friends. Because you're so DIFFERENT aren't you.

        • hmm

          It's also generally a lot cheaper to buy some second hand clothes than it is to spend crazy fuckloads on some butters jack wills whateverthefuck.

          • But

            You can buy second hand without looking like a hobo.

  • She's so fit


  • Second picture

    Ridiculously photogenic guy?

    • Agreed

      Hear hear.

    • Cumberbitch

      Or Jim Moriarty?

  • Sky


  • Call me maybe?

    Josh is a babe

  • this post

    is far too hipster.

  • Confused

    I can't tell whether this is a joke about "well-dressed" or whether this is really what passes as "well-dressed" in fashionable (whatever that means…certainly not sure it's a good thing) circles today…please clarify?

  • disappointed

    nobody here is wet.

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