Head of the Cam

Caius dominate Head Of The Cam as King's M1 fights their way back from spoons, HUGH CARSON reports.

Amidst cold but quick conditions the Head of the Cam went ahead on Saturday, with Caius winning Men’s and Women’s divisions.

As the first race after the boat race, and over approximately the same course as Bumps, the Head of the Cam is often seen as an early indication of how clubs are going to settle their new returners into their Lents boats ahead of May Bumps. For those without returners, it’s a chance to show off the fruits of their labour during the holidays.

At the top of the men’s division Caius solidly maintained their hold of the river, finishing 10s clear of Downing, who’ll be chasing them come Mays. On the men’s side, the upset of the day goes to Kings M1, who after a spoon-worthy Lents campaign, finished 4th – a result that should put them in good stead for the term ahead.

Not one to jump the gun, Conor Burgess of Kings M1 said “It was a great race but it’s a long way ’till the Mays!”

On the flip side Queen’s M1, missing their captain to injury, looked to be having a difficult time, slipping away from rivals LMBC, who reinforced their Lents campaign coming in just one second behind Downing. LMBC also put 30s on Pembroke, who are starting 2 places ahead of them in Mays, which bodes well.

Peter Mildon, Captain of Queens, spoke to the Tab: “[Being injured] is very frustrating but I was very pleased with our M2 result today, and impressed by the fresher novice who stepped up to take my seat”.

On the women’s side, Caius W1 put in a strong performance beating the current Head of the River  – Downing W1 – by 4 seconds more than their men, repeating their success from Pembroke Regatta last term. With both boats still missing a member a piece to CUW, neither is at full strength yet and should provide some exciting racing in future.

Pembroke, who’ll be chasing Downing come Mays, were absent from the days racing, so it fell to First and Third to provide an indication of the field. However, with 40s separating them, Downing are looking pretty safe up at the top of the charts, with Caius starting 9 places behind them.

Next weekend sees many crews venturing further a field to Dorney for Wallingford Regatta for some side by side racing.

  • Boatie

    "Emmanuel, who’ll be chasing Downing come May"
    Uh no, Pembroke's chasing Downing in Mays.. The start order is Downing, Pembroke, Christs, Newnham, Emmanuel.

    • Errrr

      No one really gives a shit.

      • genius

        "the start order is Downing… …Emmanuel"

        Emmanuel starts behind Downing and hence will be chasing them

      • A. Nother Boatie

        Then why are you reading this?

  • No-one cares.

  • Skeptic

    Can anyone explain Kings M1? Did they actually have some people that can row that have crawled out of the woodwork for Mays, but didn't want to get involved with the Lents spoonbarge?

    Without a massive personnel change, I'd put their time down to a misreading of the start/finish times by Chesterton RC…

    • Rower

      Improving conditions throughout the day may have played a part, based on some other comparisons.

      P.S. Downing W1 have two returners, not one:

    • another boatie

      Looked like a slightly different crew lineup from lents, and they looked half decent on the spannerspotter video so it could be genuine

    • Stalker

      King's M1 have only made two changes from the lents boat; the guy at 3 is a novice who had glandular fever during lents, and the cox is also a novice, he coxed King's W2 last term.

  • sad people

    rowing lol

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