Union Guests Schooled on Manners – by JORDAN

Katie Price has accused Union members of being rude at dinner, as part of an attack on private education.

You might expect Katie Price’s standout memory from the Union’s feminism debate to be the rigorous and eloquent exchange of ideas.

But her column in The Sun today shows what she really noticed were students’ bad manners.

From Page 3 to Page 11 – Price’s progress (click to enlarge)

The former topless model returned to the redtop with an article slamming private education, using guests at the pre-debate dinner to show how “posh schools” can’t even teach proper table manners:

“Most of the people there have been to private schools all their lives… I couldn’t even mimic them because they’re so posh but their eating habits weren’t as good as mine.

“Some of them didn’t even wait for each other to start the meal. If I was their mum, I would ask for my money back.

Look out for Miss Price’s “Primer on Etiquette” in a store near you…

She also spoke out on The Sun‘s website saying “[s]ome of those people didn’t know how to hold a knife and fork properly,” before delivering the final twist of the dessert fork with the boast that “I managed to pick up an olive perfectly with my cocktail stick.”

Union President-Elect David Leigh, one of the pre-debate diners, told The Tab “‘I strongly advocate a pragmatic approach to cutlery usage, especially in those tricky situations, i.e. peas, when the shovel technique is a must.”

He added that “The combination of being overawed by Jordan’s presence at the table and the time pressure must have prevented students from eating at the best of their ability.”

“Sadly I am unable to comment on [Katie Price’s] table manners because she ignored the seating plan and elected to sit in between her family.  However, given her many exotic life experiences, I imagine she handles cutlery very well.”

But students at dinner weren’t Jordan’s only post-Union gripe – her column also took a pop at debate opponent and editor of The Lady Rachel Johnson, whose speech “used me… to get some cheap laughs.”

“Sadly it backfired on her because I won the debate. Perhaps she’d be better off editing The Loser.”

Critics have wondered how far Price’s contribution really brought her team to victory, but after today nobody can say she lowered the tone at dinner.

  • "If I were"

    It's not saying much if her manners are as good as her grammar.

    • Really?

      So what you're saying is that it's better to insult someone in a grammatically correct fashion than to be kind and respectful to them in the first place?

      • Well shit

        I think you've got it.

    • Or Her Feminism

      "I'm not a whinger or a whiner and I can't stand other people who moan. For instance, it irritates me when feminists go on about women being hard done by in comparison to men" – Jordan, in The Sun

  • TPJurassic

    I am a member of the Union by sadly I can't go to event, because I'm too busy studying Zoology.

    • too many typos

      to be funny.

      • TPJ

        toon kdrunk tob b e funhy x

      • too many

        to shut the fuck up

  • Posh Nosh

    I think Katie may have a point…….

    • Feliz BAGUETTRER

      i dont and i'm more important than you

      • Posh Nosh

        "your more important than me" precisely my point, Katie Price speaking in front of a load of "very important people! who SHE observed actually have very little manners. Of course that does,nt matter because their so ! important ! they can afford to be ignorant ! proved my point matey

        • This is Cambridge

          I'm assuming the spelling and grammar in the above comment is some sort of joke..?

          • comment judge

            along with the rest of the comment…?

          • Posh Nosh

            no it's my public school education

  • PNS

    what's wrong with New Look?

  • Tatler

    Pragmatic?! …if only you left day school earlier dave

  • New Look shopper

    Shut up you knob

  • Florence Dressinger

    forget table manners david you need to learn some real life etiquette. zing!

  • Missed the point

    Good table manners aren't really the aim of a school education though…

    • Easterhouse Eddie

      If you couldn't handle a knife in easterhouse you didnae last too long before transferring to a different school. Cutlery work was pure essential.


    what's wrong with new look. I get all my trendy plimsolls from there…

  • http://facepwn.com/posters/chutzpah.jpg Chutzpah

    Who wants to assist me in making a big poo poo on Katie Price's fake boobs?

  • Conflicted

    I'm not a massive fan of Jordan by any means, but the tone of this article is pretty
    snooty …

  • Tough life

    Being sent to state school and having everyone able to say they have seen your mother naked? Poor kids.

  • yahh

    Don't care about article quality or the like but Im glad this informed me she did this. Good on her. Interesting to take a poll on who writing negative comments went to a public or independent school and had that bubbled narrow minded view of the world. Purely because they don't really know what the real world is.

    • Boring

      I've always found this idea of the 'real world' a bit slippery, and most often see it employed under the auspices of the most populist of New Labour rhetoric.

      Can anyone enlighten me: is an appeal to the 'real world' simply an appeal to the lowest common denominator?

    • went to state school

      please – you can't band about the word "narrow-minded" in the same sentence as some enormous and unfounded stereotype. just because someone went to private school doesn't mean they don't "what the real world is". state school isn't one massive factory of well-adjusted, streetwise and down to earth people, and, likewise, private school isn't all eton. hell, eton isn't like 'eton' as most people think it is, as far as i can see from people i know. inform yourself better.

  • Impressed

    Bravo David Leigh. Extremely well handled.

    • yeah

      I agree actually

    • Agreed

      …about the first time I have ever agreed with him. He's still far too conservative.

  • Get Calum MacD back

    David Leigh's comment really added to this article. Thanks for calling him up and getting that.

    • MacCreep

      thanks for your input Calum

      • Girl from may week

        Not sure I want to thank him for his input

  • Posh Nosh

    -Go Katie :)- say it like it is ………

  • Thomas Spooner

    Did I tell you yet that I went to Eton?

    • Fafe Rletcher

      Did I tell you that my face makes people think of God?

    • Varsitv

      Yes thomas, i think you mentioned it, several times

  • Posh Nosh

    Who gives a S..t?

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