BREAKING: Fez Sleeping Without The Fish

More trouble for Cambridge's nightclubs. Fez's future is in doubt again, after Big Fish announced they're pulling their night there on Sundays.

The future of Fez has been thrown into doubt again today after Big Fish Ents revealed that Big Fish Sundaes at the nightclub are no more.

Big Fish, run by Simon Burdus, had been keen to reassure about the future of their night at the Moroccan-style club in recent weeks, telling people to “ignore the rumours.”

But it was announced this afternoon on their Facebook page that the weekly event has been cancelled.

The announcement today, which was quickly verified by head honcho Simon Burdus on his page

As yet, it is unclear what Big Fish pulling out means for Fez, but recent news suggests it won’t be good. Last month plans were submitted to renovate the building it occupies, which could see the space be turned into a flat or a restaurant instead.

It is the latest sad chapter in a dire time for Cambridge clubs. The shock closure of Soul Tree at the start of the year has set the tone for a disappointing year, with Cindies and Life also facing uncertain futures after the company that owns them went into administration.

More developments are expected tomorrow. Catch them on The Tab first.

  • NotawordIsayistrue

    This is not true. I heard that the Big Fish Ents wrote that status to "get a feel for the market" and that Fez actually is safe and sound. In other words, a PR ploy.

  • hmm

    This is a weird title.

    • Don Vito Corleone

      just a bit of Tab banter with TCS?

      • Michael.

        Poor old TCS. The Fredo of Cambridge journalism.

        • Goodfella

          Godfather aside,

          And if we can liken our student press to classic gangster film characters…

          Surely Varsity would be the bloke having his head slammed repeatedly into the pizza oven?

  • hmm II

    This isn't a weird title.

  • In The Know

    Fez isn't shutting until 2013, BFE is just using it as an excuse to jump ship and drop a night no-one enjoyed….

    • SQLAD


    • Simon Burdus

      The reason we are leaving has nothing to do with when fez may close. No one enjoys it? Tell that to the 500 people who come every week. Wait for the full story before offering your uninformed insight.

      • Optimistic

        500's pushing it a little…more like 50…..

        • Go Tab…

          Personally, I'd trust Si B on his numbers.

          Even though we seemingly live in a world that Varsity can magic 5000 copies into 10000 each week.

    • Personally

      I think you will find my choice of lady at the final Big Fish Sundae most definitely enjoyed her night. Whether myself or the club was responsible for this, I cannot say.

  • Lola Lo

    That sad chapter where Soul Tree shut and was replaced by an infinitely more popular me?

  • TPJ

    This is a shame. I often enjoyed a night out at Fez. But then I sometimes still had a hangover when I went to training with the u21s – who I play for!

  • Thomas

    Why is there always a Big Fish story on here? I can think of no other Uni paper, or mainstream paper in any city that bangs on about one company (or any company) in this way.

    The name of a promotion firm is irrelevant to readers; no-one walks around saying, "ooh, I had a marvellous night at the fireworks yesterday. Thank goodness for Xx entertainment ltd".

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