Blues vs Oxford

LACROSSE: The Blues come back from a four goal deficit to send a message to the Other Place.

Cambridge 8-7 Oxford

The first clash of the Lights and the Darks proved a tough match for the Blues lax ladies. Oxford posed a serious threat from the start, scoring in the first minute, which seemed to unnerve the Blues girls who have dominated their games so far.

This one goal became four within minutes as the Blues struggled to hold out against Oxford’s nippy attack, who got lucky with two angled shots somehow finding their way into the net.

Spirits never dropped though and the Blues quickly got themselves onto the scoreboard with a penalty goal from ex-Princeton and Harvard newbie, Emilie Aguirre. The legendary Ellie Walshe then took control of the attack and Co-captain Alana Livesey powered an unstoppable shot into the top corner of the goal.

Oxford remained a threat however, leaving a half time score of 3-5.  A motivational speech from Co-captains Livesey and Isy Foster at half time inspired a new lease of life in the team and the Blues upped the intensity and took complete control of the game, fighting for every minute to ensure victory.

Great communication in a solid defence kept the Dark Blues at bay and some intense doubles in midfield from last year’s captains Laura Plant and Anna Harrison led to countless turnovers.  With the score level at 7-7 with 12 minutes to go, the game was either side’s to win.

A stand out performance from feisty fresher Dani Allard saw her complete her hat-trick from a mix of fantastic fast breaks and slot play, bringing the score up to 8-7.

The Blues held the ball in perfect possession play for the last 10 minutes – watching Oxford panic has never quite been so satisfying. A Cambridge dropin the final 30 seconds saw the ball hurtling towards the Oxford attack and a nail-biting free position from their star player. However, new goalie Erin Walters reacted quickly to palm the ball away.

The final whistle blew leaving the score at 8-7 and a very relieved Cambridge team. The level of their dominance had not, perhaps, been reflected in the scoreline but an impressive come-back has laid down a marker for next term’s Varsity Match.

  • Jesus

    A motivational speech from Co-captains Livesey and Isy Foster at half time inspired a new lease of life in the team

    who wrote this article again?

  • Frankie Brown

    I would fuck her though

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