University of York drops nearly 20 places in new global university ranking

We may be a sustainability legend but the job prospects aren’t looking good

The 2025 QS World Ranking dropped last week, and things aren’t looking too good for the University of York. Since the 2022 survey, York has fallen over 30 places from ranking 151st in 2022 to 184th in the most recent survey. It seems that the uni isn’t exactly moving up in the world.

This year, the QS World Rankings has given over 1500 institutions a score out of 100 in order to determine their place in the table. According to QS, their ranking is the only one of its kind to place a particular “emphasis on employability and sustainability.” Overall, the University of York scored 48.2 out of 100.

Despite sitting behind its Roses rival, Lancaster, which placed 141st, York sits two places above Cardiff University and ranks considerably higher than both Queen’s University Belfast and University of Loughborough.

Screenshot taken via QS website.

So where is the university falling short? Well, if you’re about to be a York graduate and you’re struggling to find a job, know that you’re definitely not alone. University of York’s Employment Outcomes rating scores only 23.5 out of 10o, meaning it ranks 480th place in this category, and scoring just slightly better in its Employer Reputation, with a score of 30.1. So, that’s definitely reassuring.

Despite this minor issue, it seems the university has at least nailed one thing. Where York falls short in the employability department, it excels in its Sustainability rating, scoring an almost perfect 97.4 and ranking as the 29th most sustainable university worldwide. So you win some you loose some, I guess?

University of York’s East Campus. Author’s photograph.

It seems that the university has, according to the QC Ranking, a great “ability to tackle the world’s greatest environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges,” but might have a little bit more work to do in tackling the employability of its students.

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