Maddie Oliver

Social Media Editor

Maddie Oliver
York University

Student lifestyle, city guides, art and literature, York, city guides, campus culture, University of York

  • Maddie Oliver is the Social Media Editor of The York Tab, managing their socials to keep students up to date with the latest news and feature articles.
  • Maddie's areas of expertise at The Tab include student lifestyle, campus culture and York life.
  • Maddie has a love for poetry and illustrated books. She enjoys creative writing in her spare time and is passionate about opening up the conversation surrounding student mental health, being the Secretary for University of York's BEATsoc.


Maddie Oliver joined The York Tab in 2023 as a student writer while in her second year of university, becoming their Social Media Editor in 2024.


Maddie Oliver is studying for her undergraduate degree in Art History. She studied Biology, Chemistry and English Literature at Higher Level for her IB Diploma.


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