Love Island 2024 sweets

In honour of Sean, here’s a rundown of all the 2024 Love Islanders as what sweets they are

‘And most importantly… raspberries’

Sean from Love Island 2024 literally doesn’t shut up about sweets. It’s got to the point that I’m genuinely rather concerned he has no other pick up lines in the arsenal. It’s a bit charming, in a goofy way. But I’m not sure how right Sean really gets it all the time – even if he is the villa’s answer to a one man pick ‘n’ mix. Here’s my inarguable rundown of the Love Island cast of 2024 and what sweet they definitely are – in honour of Sean!

Ayo – The Haribo snake

Love Island 2024 sweets

I’m sorry but the entire Uma sexual attraction fire pit thing was very snakey to Mimii and she might have forgiven him but I have NOT.

Ciaran – Sports mix

Love Island 2024 sweets

And he only eats the rugby balls. Not the proper old man version of Sports mixture that break your teeth, but the newer version your dad calls ‘woke nonsense’ because it removed liquorice and swapped it to blackcurrant.

Grace – Sour apples

Love Island 2024 sweets

Has she ever laughed in that villa ONCE? Has she ever done anything that doesn’t benefit her and Joey? Has she ever done a thing that feels positive? These apples are sour. Her antics with Konnor last night just felt sour, too. Weird vibes.

Harriett – A Lickedy Lips

Love Island 2024 sweets

My diva has the most princess of the entire sweets world and you just know she was slurping on these queens. What a camp and glamorous sweet. Love her.

Jess – Percy Pigs

Love Island 2024 sweets

No shade to Jess or anything I just think she’d enjoy getting her staff discount. Envious.

Joey Essex – Toxic Waste

Love Island 2024 sweets

I feel like Joey Essex is going to greatly regret his Love Island appearance because he is not coming across well. From the way he treated Samantha to that bizarre aggressive confrontation with Omar, it’s toxic. Hope he enjoys the sour apocalypse of a Toxic Waste.

Konnor – A big cable

I love cables. Sean is always flogging massive cables on his sweet shop and on TikTok, and never shuts up about how massive they are.

Matilda – Haribo Starmix

Love Island 2024 sweets

You know what… I really like Matilda. She’s like a good mix of everything. A laugh! Smiley! Confident! Gorgeous! Just like a bag of Haribo Starmix, you tuck into a good bit of everything.

Mimii – Fruit Winder

Love Island 2024 sweets

Not really a sweet but I feel like I can’t see Mimii tucking into actual sweets – but she does kind of remind me of the extremely slay strawberry fruit winder girly who always served confectionary c*ntiness! She ain’t no diva!

Nicole – Dolly mixture

Love Island 2024 sweets

A boring sweet for a boring Islander who takes everything too seriously and moans at even the slightest bit of banter or thing she doesn’t like. I would never eat these.

Ronnie – White mouse

This is my way of saying he’s a rat, btw.

Sean – Jelly smiles

I feel like all Sean has done in the villa is smile and play the nice guy, and then just screwed Omar right over to get what he wanted. A smiling assassin. He reminds me of the sinister smirk of these sweets. You know they’re hiding a dark side. He does sell these himself – only fitting he gets his own gear when rounding up the Love Island 2024 lot as sweets.

Uma – Blue dolphin

The most glamorous and chic beauty of the sweets world I fear. I just really like Uma – lovely vibes, she deserves a majestic sweet.

Wil – A tongue painter

Those paint brushes that make your tongue so cheekily blue has Wil vibes. Also he’s a quantity surveyor, so it’s kind of on the construction site vibes when it comes to chomping. A home from home.

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