Heidi Wilson

Heidi Wilson
York University

Student lifestyle, campus culture, societies and socials, University of York, clubbing stories, popular culture, sociological issues

  • Heidi Wilson is a writer and student contributor at The Tab York, where she pitches articles, collaborates as a team and writes feature pieces. She has also written some pieces for the National Tab.
  • Heidi is passionate about writing about student experiences and university life from a comedic perspective.
  • Heidi enjoys paddle boarding and baking in her spare time and runs a baking social media account


Heidi Wilson joined the Tab in 2023 as a student contributor at the beginning of her second year, after an article she wrote over the summer was published. She loves being involved with The Tab and would like to take on more responsibility in the future.


Heidi Wilson is in her second year at University of York studying a degree in Sociology after completing her A levels in English Literature, Sociology and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics


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