Casa Amor is back! Plus two bombshells hit the villa for the heart race challenge TONIGHT

It’s kicking off!

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Two new bombshells hit the villa TONIGHT

Love Island 2024

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Two new bombshells are going to hit the villa tonight, causing major drama amongst the couples. They are 25-year-old influencer Jessy Potts and graduate, Trey Norman.

Jess used to be a brand partner for Hollister, and has nearly 10k followers on Instagram already. Trey is a commercial insurance broker, and graduated from Birmingham City University in 2022. An insider told The Sun: “Everyone was gobsmacked when they walked in – heads were turning immediately.”

Ahead of her arrival, Jessy said: “Ronnie has a fun personality and seems like a good flirt and could make me laugh… I like Ayo, he’s gorgeous and seems really chatty. Joey is also very good looking, I like a pretty boy with dimples, he intrigues me. I don’t care about who he is, but I’m intrigued to see what he is actually like.”

People think they’ve worked out when Casa Amor is coming back

Guys, people are convinced Casa Amor is coming NEXT WEEK! We’ve already had a small taste of Casa, with the bombshell Islanders Grace, Tiff and Wil taking their dates there when they arrived, but now we could be getting the full serving.

People think that following an unexpected recoupling last night, this is setting up for Casa to kick in at the end of the week. “An unexpected recoupling this means that Casa Amor must be starting tomorrow or Wednesday night,” one person said.

Another said: “But last season wasn’t it the Ne – Yo performance on the Friday and then the girls got sent to Casa at the end of the episode. It might be a dumping cliffhanger on Thursday’s episode , then it’s shown on at the start of Friday’s episode.”

Everyone is convinced Grace has a major game plan

Love Island 2024

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So, there’s been a lot of drama with Grace and Joey recently. Everyone has been convinced they never broke up when they met outside the villa before the show, and he had coupled up with Samantha whilst he waited for Grace to enter. Now, the couple were voted one of the least favourite by the public, and everyone thinks Grace has switched up her game plan.

In the last recoupling, bombshell Konnor was told to make his choice first, and he chose to couple up with Grace, after they had a conversation together. One person on Twitter said: “Grace is playing the game. You know what you’re doing #LoveIsland”, whilst another wrote: “It just really feels like Grace wants to recouple, she does not wanna be with Joey anymore #LoveIsland.”

So the theory is: Grace has seen she’s not popular with Joey, so wants to couple up with someone else to try and stay in. A great theory. I shall be investing in it.

Tiff has opened up about her beef with Harriett

After deciding she didn’t want to pursue Ronnie anymore, Tiffany was dumped from the island by her fellow Islanders. Now, Ronnie is back cracking on with Harriett, and Tiff has spilled all on if there is beef between herself and Harriett.

“Harriett and I are very different people,” she said in an interview. “I don’t know if we’d ever see eye to eye, after the Ronnie situation. There is no bad blood from my side, but we handle situations very differently.”

Ciaran used to date a 42-year-old?!

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Ciaran, who always gets little sly comments made about him being just 21, used to date a 42-year-old. Speaking about his previous ex, a source spoke to The Sun and just casually dropped in the detail.

He previously dated Gloucester-based student, Evie-May Bishop, with a source telling the publication: “Ciaran and Evie were together for under a year in 2022 – after he briefly dated a 42-year-old. They met each other’s families and went on a luxury holiday to Rhodes, as well as race days together.

“Unfortunately, they split because of the distance. It was just so hard for them to maintain a relationship. She’s a student who lives in Gloucester and works with horses at the weekend and he’s a surveyor in the week, with rugby practice most weekends.”

In tonight’s episode, the heart race challenge is back

Love Island 2024

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In tonight’s episode it’s the return of everyone’s fav – the heart race challenge. Matilda receives a text and says: “Islanders, tonight you’ll get each others pulses racing in a boys vs girls challenge #StrutYourStuff #HeartStripsABeat”.

The girls are up first, from sexy cowgirls to naughty angels, one girl gets out her whip, while another has the boys wrapped around her feather bower. As Ciaran awaits Nicole he shouts: “I’m like a kid on Christmas day. Hurry up and give me my present!”

The boys are up next, with sexy builders and saucy sailors, the boys put on a show for the girls. As Sean approaches the girls, he says: “Ladies, the Candyman is here! Who is ready for a taste?” Who sets hearts racing? And which Islanders are left shocked by the results?

The challenge ends with a surprise twist which takes the Islanders by surprise. It’s the bombshells!

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