Inside wild Love Island theory Grace and Joey plotted to get Konnor to recouple with her

The conspiracy theories with these two have me hooked

Everyone has a dubious eye on Grace and Joey Essex in the Love Island 2024 villa. Not only were they seeing each other before the show, their behaviour on screen and speed to rekindle things has had a lot of Love Island fans theorising the two never actually broke up – and speculating that the two might have faked the split, with the plan being all along to just couple up when they get there. To the detriment of poor Samantha, of course. After last night’s jarring episode which saw Grace give a chat to bombshell Konnor about going for it with who he wants to get to know in the villa and then Konnor recoupling with Grace (much to her dismay), the Reddit Love Island fans have a theory and think this might have been her plan all along with Joey.

The theory basically goes that Grace and Joey were rattled by the fact they were in the bottom during the public vote that eventually saw Omar and Tiffany being dumped from the villa. Because fans think Grace and Joey are playing the game, the theory is that the two of them are trying to make their relationship have “storyline” so that when they reconcile they will be in better favour with the public.

Was this acting? Via ITV

This way, if they aren’t sharing a bed and if Konnor is trying to get to know Grace and the two then overcome it it will look better for them in the long run and give them potential to get further in the show. Another viewer said that the two could be preparing in case the voting lumps them both in the bottom in separate couples in the hope the Islanders would get rid of Jess and Konnor.

The theory also thinks Grace and Joey might even be plotting to not be a couple for a bit so they can go into the Love Island hideaway together and have their own private bedroom – leaving Konnor and Jess alone. I mean, you would if you could!

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