Will Thornton

Will Thornton

Will Thornton
York University

So far, I have written and am currently writing features for the Tab which focus more on humorous writing, as opposed to articles about news.

  • Publishing my first article with the Tab, assigning each college its own horror film. Writing the article was a great way to write something seasonal and humorous that university students would enjoy. Editing was a difficult process but taught me about how to write concisely and appropriately for a specific…
  • Attending the Christmas National Tab Conference was a great way to meet Tab writers from around the country. Being tasked with finding a story and creating Tiktok content in an hour was fun but also was a great way to experience the process of having to create something worthwhile to…
  • Regularly attending Tab meetings to workshop ideas for Tiktok content and articles has been a great way to develop my insight and understanding of writing for the Tab.


Writing for the Tab since September 2023 has been my first experience of being a published writer. Prior to this, I won a prize at secondary school for reciting a poem that I wrote.


I attended the Lancaster Royal Grammar School from 2015 - 2022, earning 11 GCSEs (5 of which were grade 8s and 6 of which were grade 9s) and 3 A-Levels (A*, A and D2 (A* equivalent)). I am currently studying for a BA in English Literature at the University of York.


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