Lydia Chowdhury


Lydia Chowdhury
York University

Arts and culture, York city centre news, student news, literature, University of York, campus life

  • Lydia Chowdhury's role is as writer for The Tab York, dabbling between features and news
  • Lydia predominantly enjoys writing on arts happenings on campus, being a painter herself, as well as human interest stories, coverage of which will affect change
  • Lydia is interested in the BAME experience, in people, their countries and culture, she is learning to speak Russian, and travels when possible


Lydia wrote for another student publication having written a breaking, investigative piece and various other articles before making the change to the Tab in 2023 as a writer


Lydia Chowdhury is in her second year at the University of York completing a degree in English and Related Literature. She is looking forward to taking a year out to write for a magazine and travel.


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