Bridgerton season three editing error

Here we go again! You missed yet another editing error in Bridgerton season three

And an ex-Netflix employee explained how it might have happened

The day I get fed up with finding new Bridgerton editing and continuity errors will be the day The Duke actually returns to Bridgerton, AKA never. We’ve had issues with the mirror scene, Colin writing with both his left and right hands and Penelope’s mysterious reappearing hair piece but now it appears we’ve got time travel or teleportation going on.

This error was spotted by someone on TikTok who apparently used to work at Netflix and is now really good at spotting them. It happens in the very first episode of the new season, around 15 minutes in, when Colin returns from his travels and is chatting to the young ladies of the ton.

Bridgerton season three editing error

Via Netflix

Colin is speaking to a group of women, including the lady in the yellow on the left. But then he turns to walk away to the next group of ladies and the same woman is there in that group, looking shocked to see him! So she’s either a VERY quick walker, a time traveller or has mastered teleportation.

Bridgerton season three editing error

Via Netflix

@maroonwench who pointed out the mistake on TikTok said she thinks she has an idea of what happened with the error. She said: “The extras will be in full costume ready to go and they’ll be sitting in like a holding/waiting area. Then once everything is set up for the scene, and they do it in little bits and pieces right, the PAs will come around into the holding area and they’ll pick the extras for the particular scene and they don’t have it very thoroughly scripted out for the extras it’ll just say something like ‘Colin talks to three women’. So they’ll go in and pick three women from the extras. And the extras are normally 100 people waiting around to be pulled for the scene.”

She added: “Then sometimes even though it appears to be a short clip for us when we’re viewing it, that might have taken about two or three days to film. So it might have been the next day or hours later where they’re like ‘Wait okay we’re gonna do you here actually’. And they’re not always paying attention to who got pulled already.”

The more you know!

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