Bridgerton young Colin

Hang on, we were supposed to get young Colin scenes in Bridgerton season three?!?

Crying at baby Colin

There’s been so much drama about Bridgerton deleted scenes ever since season three was released. First, we had people raging about Colin and Penelope’s lack of screen time and begging for Netflix to release their cut scenes, then a whole petition was set up for this which has now gained over 70,000 signatures, and then Nicola Coughlan herself denied that we had any deleted scenes to see, saying: “Aaah this is just a rumour! I think you got all the Polin we had but there’s lots of BTS still to share.”

But it looks like there was one scene, or one character even that we were robbed of in season three of Bridgerton and that’s young Colin!

So, this picture was doing the rounds on TikTok before season three of Bridgerton was released and we were all primed and ready for there to be flashback scenes of little baby Colin and also maybe young Penelope too. It shows a child dressed up as little Colin outside his trailer on the Bridgerton set.

Via TikTok

But when the show was actually released we were all so caught up in things like editing errors, hidden meanings and just obsessing over Polin that we forgot ever seeing that Young Colin picture. But now we remember and we are MOURNING the baby Colin scenes! Look at his little pose! His mini waistcoat! I am obsessed.

Someone posted a TikTok talking about the missing Young Colin scenes with the caption: “Bridgerton deleted scene this… Bridgerton deleted scene that… I want this scene!” Alongside the picture of Young Colin.

People in the comments are also equally distraught about the missing scenes. One person said: “I SAW THIS PICTURE BEFORE I was waiting for scenes with young Colin. Young Colin and Pen’s first time meeting would’ve solved all my problems.” Another person added: “Wait was there actually meant to be young Colin flashbacks 😭😭😭😭”

Bridgerton I am begging you to let me see them, please.

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