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Sinclair Properties are offering £200 refunds to their York student tenants

As long as their rent is paid in full

Almost 1000 York students sign petition demanding safety net for postgrads

‘Postgraduates even less so cannot retake years or afford an extension as funding is smaller and less flexible so the safety net would assure so many of us’

University of York introduce ‘safety net’ policy

‘The safety net is a way of guaranteeing in advance what the lowest your final academic-year average will be’

University of York to compensate students for strikes with Lindt bunny

Better than free graduation gowns tbh

The University of York are potentially offering a ‘chunk of money to be wiped off student loans’

The University will also adopt a ‘safety-net’ approach to ‘help not hinder students’

Suspend your studies if you don’t have a laptop, Uni of York told its students

‘We will recommend that students suspend their studies and take a leave of absence’

University of York allowing students to cancel accommodation contracts

In light of the Covid-19 situation

Graduation ceremonies and summer ball cancelled at York

Whilst the VC has filmed a video update