A man tried to break in to a YSJ student’s room

He saw that she was inside before trying to break in

A Danny DeVito society has been set up at York

DeVitonians can finally watch his films and play with eggs

York students lead climate change protests in city centre

They are part of the campaign group ‘Extinction Rebellion’

YUSU to hold campus wide referendum on whether to support Brexit People’s Vote

Funds will be provided by YUSU in order to facilitate this vote

‘Fat naked man’ who masturbated in front of York student wanted by police

The incident happened near Hull Road

It’s official: Uni of York has the second highest ‘duck density’ of all UK universities

The only league table that really matters, and we’re in second place

York student cleared in court of sexually assaulting another student on campus

The alleged assault occurred after a night out in January earlier this year

After working on a building site at 17, I never dreamt I’d get into university

Sean enrolled as a fresher at York aged 22. Now he wants more working class representation at his uni

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