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University of York to hold online graduation ceremonies

It was revealed in an email to students last night

York VC confirms the 2020/2021 academic year will start as normal in September

Whilst strike savings have been invested into student funds

University of York predicts losses of £100m due to Covid-19

This comes from a leaked internal communication

York alters postgraduate grade boundaries due to Covid-19

Similar to the undergraduate ‘safety net’ measures

Meet York’s OFFICIAL BNOC of 2020: Jacob Harlow!

His TikTok’s are winners too tbh

Sinclair Properties are offering £200 refunds to their York student tenants

As long as their rent is paid in full

Almost 1000 York students sign petition demanding safety net for postgrads

‘Postgraduates even less so cannot retake years or afford an extension as funding is smaller and less flexible so the safety net would assure so many of us’

University of York introduce ‘safety net’ policy

‘The safety net is a way of guaranteeing in advance what the lowest your final academic-year average will be’