Meet the York Uni student who wrote her master’s thesis on Taylor Swift

Brb changing my diss idea ASAP

The York Tab is recruiting – Come write for us!

Be the first to break the biggest stories on campus

A York student is taking part in The Great British Bake off this year

Imagine bumping into her in the Morrell

Fresher withdraws from York after sending racist and sexist messages to group chats

One message said: ‘She is used to my casual racism. I do it all the time’

York Uni has run out of accommodation and is sending students to live in Hull

The uni called this a ‘temporary measure’ with new accommodation in York available from January 2022

Three arrested after assault at York’s first ever LGBTQ+ club night

One victim described being ‘punched in the back of the head until they passed out’

‘Save D-Bar’: Students set up petition to save D-Bar

It currently has over 400 signatures

New club Ziggy’s to open in York next week

The reopening of Ziggy’s means the return of the beloved ‘Phat Fridays’

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Salvos is back: Here’s what we know

It will reopen on Wednesday 21st July

Kuda is back: Here’s what we know

The popular York club will reopen its doors on Monday 19th July

York students protest for Barbican Community Centre after eviction

The protesters said the eviction was ‘violent and illegal’

York announces Sexual Violence Steering Group as a result of The Last Taboo

It found 54 per cent of female York students have been sexually assaulted

Uni of York announces new college named after human rights defender David Kato

Kato was a Protective Fellow on York’s Human Rights Defenders Programme

York is now the best uni in the Yorkshire and Humber area

And the 18th best University in the UK

One in four York students have experienced mental health difficulties over housing issues

Renting in York marks a ‘low point in student life’ suggests YUSU President

University of York campus celebrity Long Boi goes viral

We knew him before he was famous x