Alexis Sturgeon

Lexi Sturgeon

Alexis Sturgeon
York University

Student Contributor, volunteer at York Tab and a writer for five years, having written for competitions and been published.

  • Writing Articles and coming up with titles allowed me to explore my creative side fully
  • Narrowing down on my writing style allowed me to work on my writing and refine it
  • Gaining experience in journalism and article writing gives me a chance to explore this field of work


Ive been published in 'Hive Anthology' for North Yorkshire students, shortlisted for the BBC Young Writers competition and been shortlisted at a New College of the Humanities Essay Competition.


Three A*s in History, English Literature and Classical Civilisation and an A in EPQ. Educated in Sevenoaks at Walthamstow Hall School, with 9 GCSES all between 6-9. I am an undergraduate English Literature Student at York.


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