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All the clues that Joshua Bassett’s new music is about Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter

It’s drivers license summer all over again

Joshua Bassett is set to release a new single on June 28th with an album to follow shortly on July 26th and fans are noticing that there could be some references to ex girlfriends Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter in his upcoming releases.

Supposedly, Joshua and Olivia dated when meeting on the set of High School Musical: The Musical The Series from 2019 to 2020 until Joshua was spotted with Sabrina Carpenter in July 2020 rumouring a new relationship. Nearly four years on and neither of the trio seem to interact, either to detract the drama or that something actually went down. 

It’s clear that some of Olivia Rodrigo’s songs could be about Joshua Bassett, so it seems only fair that perhaps some of his songs are about her. Of course, having two famous exes such as Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter there will always be speculation. So here are all the hints that the new singles from Joshua Bassett could be about Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter:

He deleted a TikTok referencing High School Musical: The Musical The Series


To promote his lead single, The Golden Years, Joshua Bassett posted a TikTok where he shared a nostalgic photo of him and his cast mates. This included a photo of  him and his ex Olivia Rodrigo looking at each other which is odd as they never seem to interact on social media or even follow each other. The song lyrics are “four years go by in the blink of an eye” and he then goes on to sing “now I’m terrified I’ll never find love like yours.” This video was then deleted from his TikTok, he really was doing the marketing work himself. Although, some fans have claimed that the song could just be about him reminiscing on his experience on the Disney show.

His TikTok on the trampoline

This TikTok of Joshua Bassett jumping on a trampoline to his new single had people speculating that it was actually about Sabrina Carpenter instead. In because I liked a boy the lyrics is the line “who knew cuddling on trampolines could be so reckless.” So either this single is about either of his exes or everyone is looking way too into this.

Fans think the new single artwork looks like a place he went to with Olivia Rodrigo

The artwork to Joshua’s new single Dancing with Tears in my Eyes looked similar to a place he had been with Olivia Rodrigo. This video on TikTok speculated that the roller disco setting looked very similar to a roller disco he went to with his ex girlfriend. Fans are saying perhaps Joshua Bassett is getting déjà vu on past memories of the pair or maybe he went on a date there with someone different.

Some of the lyrics in his new song sound familiar

Another subtle hint the song could be about Olivia is that one of the lyrics in this new song is: “Making a mess on the bed we made.” Fans noticed there could be a correlation between this lyric and Olivia’s lyric in Traitor which is: “When she’s sleepin in the bed we made.” It could be a coincidence or Joshua Bassett is actually mirroring his former exes lyrics.

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