Fine, who is Sabrina Carpenter, and why has she dropped an Olivia Rodrigo diss track?

Honeyyyyyyyy the Disney Channel singers are fightingggg

Just when we thought 2021 might calm things down a bit, some serious beef has erupted in the world of ex-Disney Channel singers. Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter are locked in the best clash since Chip and Stormzy.

While everyone was crying their already pretty exhausted eyes dry over Olivia Rodrigo’s certi sad banger Drivers License, the rumoured subject of that song was plotting.

Now, Sabrina Carpenter has released Skin – a track that can only be considered the Disney Channel’s first war dub.

But what’s actually going on? Let us explain.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter?

21-year-old Sabrina Carpenter is a Disney Channel star turned singer. who has released a whopping four albums.

Carpenter shot to fame in Disney’s Sofia the First and Girl Meets World. Since then, she’s also starred in the critically panned Netflix drama Tall Girl, and featured on Broadway as Cady Heron in the Mean Girls musical.

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Her aunt is Nancy Cartwright – the voice of Bart Simpson.

But it’s her links to the Olivia Rodrigo/Drivers License banger, and her own response to that which has really thrust her into the spotlight.

What the hell does Sabrina Carpenter have to do with the Drivers License song?

Shockingly not about the Legoland drivers license you get as a child, Drivers License is Olivia Rodrigo’s smash hit single. She sings about finally getting her driving license, but being unable to do all the things with her ex she’d dreamed about because he’s with someone else.

With the lyrics “and you’re probably with that blonde girl/ who always made me doubt/ she’s so much older than me/ she’s everything I’m insecure about,” fans were quick to assume the other girl was Sabrina Carpenter.

That’s because the ex in the song is widely thought to be Rodrigo’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star Joshua Basset, who has since been linked to Carpenter.

Now, Sabrina Carpenter has released a new track, “Skin”, which appears to directly address the controversy.

Lyrics like “maybe you didn’t mean it/ maybe blonde was the only rhyme” and “you can try to get under my, under my, under my skin while he’s on mine,” have only added fuel to the fire. Clearly, it’s aimed at the outcry over Drivers License.

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