Reynolds Bridgerton

Omg, someone thinks they’ve spotted Reynolds in Bridgerton season three and I’m welling up

Is someone cutting onions??

One of the biggest mysteries every Bridgerton-obsessed person wants solving is what happened to Reynolds. The ending of Queen Charlotte is left very open, with us not finding out what ever happened to Reynolds and Brimsley.

We know they are no longer together, given that Reynolds is notably absent from the main series of Bridgerton, but what actually happened to him? There are a load of fan theories flying about left, right and centre but we don’t have any concrete answers.

But! Stop the press! A Bridgerton viewer thinks they have actually spotted a grown up Reynolds in the background of Bridgerton season three and my heart is racing right now.

@spicybookmama posted a video on TikTok with the caption: “Is ths Reynolds? Shonda confirmed he’s bit dead… but where is he?” alongside a screenshot from the final episode of Bridgerton season three when Pen is making her big confession.

Reynolds Bridgerton

Via TikTok

In the background of the shot we’ve got Queen Charlotte, Brimsley and a male servant with blonde hair who looks an awful lot like he could be the older version of Reynolds. I am freaking out right now!! Maybe they ended up together after all?

People in the comments are very torn about the theory, with a lot of people very excited and shocked by it, whereas others are convinced it couldn’t be him. One person said: “Oh my god he’s a dead ringer” and another person commented: “WAIT because he has the same colours Brimsley has when he was young and old Brimsley wears the same colours young Reynolds had.”

However other people are convinced it couldn’t be him as he would be with the King at all times.

Reynolds Bridgerton

Via Netflix

I am praying so hard this is true right now and that we get an update on Reynold and Brimsley’s story!

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