Gilmore Girls plot holes

Here are all the biggest Gilmore Girls plot holes you won’t believe you never noticed

One character literally returns from the dead?!

Gilmore Girls is a little slice of heaven and it’s the ultimate definition of a comfort show, but that doesn’t mean it’s not got its fair share of major plot holes. Some of them might not seem obvious on your first watch, but by the time you’re on your second, or 50th, rewatch a lot of them are blatantly obvious.

So, from Rory committing a federal crime to a character seemingly returning from the dead, let’s unpack all the biggest Gilmore Girls plot holes you won’t believe you never managed to spot!

Rory illegally driving a car alone at 15

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During the first season, Rory infuriatingly oversleeps for a very important test and has to drive herself to school, during which a deer hits her car. And yes, the fact that the deer hit her and not the other way around is a very important distinction. However, Rory is still 15 in this episode and doesn’t turn 16 until her birthday a few episodes later.

Stars Hollow, although fictional is located in the state of Connecticut where you have to be at least 16 years old in order to get your license, and would still have to have a licensed driver in the car with her. That means Rory technically broke a pretty major rule which is very unlike her and makes for a pretty major Gilmore Girls plot hole.

Repeating characters

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Gilmore Girls features a large cast and has a massive variety of quirky characters, but a lot of them are actually played by the same actors. This opens up a whole can of plot holes with different characters appearing in multiple places at once.

Actress Sherilyn Fenn played the role of Jimmy’s girlfriend as well as April’s mother. Alex Borstein was Drella the tetchy harpist as well as appearing as Emily’s eccentric stylist, Miss Celine. Finally, Sean Gunn appeared as Mick the DSL installer during episode two, before completely changing his name and only being known as Kirk, an iconic addition to the show.

Rory gave Dean a walnut cookie, despite him being ‘deathly allergic’

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When Rory first meets Dean he tells her that he’s “death allergic to walnuts”, a piece of information that seems pretty important to remember. However, just one episode later Rory gives him a rocky road cookie which is typically made with a variety of ingredients including walnuts. Dean seems very happy about receiving the cookies and Rory even mentions the variety being his “favourite kind.”

It seems that either the producers just completely forgot that he’s supposed to be very allergic to a key ingredient in the sweet treat or Rory might genuinely just be trying to kill him. It would explain a lot.

Trix returning from the dead

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Trix has to be one of the most iconic characters in Gilmore Girls and seeing how uncomfortable she makes Emily will never not be funny. However, it would appear that among Rory’s great grandma’s many talents, she can add returning from the dead to her list. During the first season of Gilmore Girls, Richard talks about his mother using the past tense, saying: “Lorelai the First was my mother. She was an extremely accomplished equestrian, a distinguished patron of the arts, and she was also world-famous for her masquerade balls. She was quite a woman, my mother.”

But then later on we see her come to stay with the Gilmores and either she’s an incredibly convincing ghost or the writers of Gilmore Girls accidentally created a pretty major plot hole. I think I’m leaning more towards the second one tbh.

 An imposter Christopher

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As much as I hate Christopher it seems that an imposter temporarily took his place during one scene in Gilmore Girls. Rory is looking through Lorelai’s things and spots a cute photo booth picture of her mum and Christopher when they were younger. However, upon further inspection, it turns out this man isn’t Christoper at all, in fact, it doesn’t even vaguely resemble him.

Presumably, they took this picture with Lauren Graham before they cast Christopher’s actor and used a stand-in but it’s still very jarring to see, especially on a second watch.

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