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Ranked: All of Lorelai’s boyfriends and romantic interests in Gilmore Girls

Big red flag if you’re a Christoper fan

Lorelai had quite a few boyfriends in Gilmore Girls. Some of them good, some of them really bad. But, yesterday actually marked seven years since Luke and Lorelai got married in the Gilmore Girls spin-off, A Year in the Life, and I still don’t think I’m over it yet. The “will they won’t they” scenario they had going on has probably taken around eight years off thousands of peoples’ lives and I don’t think I’ll ever get the karaoke scene where she serenades him with Dolly Parton out of my brain.

But before she eventually marries Luke, just a casual twenty years after they meet, Lorelei had a lot of questionable boyfriends. But genuinely the worst has to be Rory’s dad, Christopher. Like I’d even put him above Rune, Jackson’s awful cousin with whom she goes on a double-date with.

So here are all of Lorelai’s boyfriends in Gilmore Girls, ranked:

6. Christopher

Lorelai boyfriend Gilmore Girls

I am a Christopher hater through and through. If he has 10 haters I am one of them, if he has one hater it’s me and if he has no haters then I’m dead.

I was about to say that the fact he is Rory’s dad is his only redeeming quality but you can hardly call him a dad to Rory when he only ever spends time with her to get close to Lorelai and then leaves again.

Yes they were cute when they were younger but he’s selfish, manipulative, he tried to ruin Lorelai’s relationship with Luke, and practically pushed her into marriage. If you like Christopher, it’s a big red flag for you.

5. Rune

Lorelai boyfriend Gilmore Girls

Not technically a boyfriend but this man is so repulsive he needed to be included. Rune this is probably one of the worst men to ever exist yet I’d still rank him above Christopher because at LEAST he didn’t hang around for very long.

He was beyond rude and obnoxious when he went on the double-date with Sookie, Jackson and Lorelai and just had a massive thing about Lorelai being tall. He complained the whole night and was literally repulsed by the though of dating Lorelai. Just the worse vibes imaginable, really.

What’s wrong with Lorelai being tall, Rune??

4. Jason/Digger

Lorelai boyfriend Gilmore girls

At number four is Jason. These two met at a summer camp when they were younger and then he ended up being business partners with Richard, Lorelai’s dad. But he was just overall bad vibes from the start and they never really went together properly.

Then there was also the fact that he sued Lorelai’s dad causing a massive rift in their family. Like genuinely imaging your boyfriend suing your dad. This was really never gonna work and I’m glad it ended.

3. Alex

Lorelai boyfriend Gilmore girls

So Alex definitely gets points for being daddy Swan in Twilight. But let’s be honest, he’s just so forgettable. They went on a coffee date and a fishing date and were together for quite a lot of season three but everything just kind of fizzled out after that and he just disappeared without a trace.

He was a good boyfriend while it lasted, though, he got on with Lorelai’s friends and the first date they went on was a coffee-tasting adventure which is obviously gonna be a huge hit with Lorelai.

2. Max

So Max was definitely husband material, just not for Lorelai. He was super romantic (he literally proposed to her with like 1,000 yellow daisies), he really loved Lorelai and would have been a good step dad to Rory.

My only downsides to Max are that he treated Lorelai a bit like a child and kind of pushed her into things she wasn’t really ready for. He proposed in the middle of an argument and she couldn’t really say no. Also, I think we always forget that he was Rory’s teacher and dating the mum of one of your students is just a bit odd.

1. Luke

Who else? Of course Luke Danes is the best boyfriend Lorelai ever had in Gilmore Girls. The man waited eight years for her and was a million times more of a father figure to Rory than Christopher ever was. Remember the character reference she wrote to him when he was trying to get custody of his daughter? “Once Luke Danes became my friend in this town, I never really felt alone,” literally sobbing. Or the time she serenaded him at karaoke? Obsessed.

But you’ve also got when Luke threw the massive going-away party for Rory or when he literally built Lorelai an ice-rink or kept the horoscope in his wallet for eight whole years. I am viscerally crying remembering all this and will hear no Luke slander from anyone.

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