Katy Perry new song drama

‘Are these AI lyrics?’: A rundown of the Katy Perry drama after her new song got dragged

From backlash for working with Dr. Luke to deleting her TikToks

It’s been a bit of a bumpy start for Katy Perry’s comeback as there has been controversy surrounding the release of her new single Women’s World. Katy debuted a clip of the song on her TikTok account and was quickly met with a negative reaction from fans to the song’s lyrics and who Katy had worked on it.

Katy is known for some of the most nostalgic hits from our teen years such as Teenage Dream and Part of Me, with her last album Smile being released back in 2020. However, four years away from the pop scene and a lot has changed since. Fans on social media are much more quick to respond to new music and unless it’s a catchy sound that could be a TikTok hit, it’s not going to be received well. Not to mention, anyone in the industry of music that has had allegations against them is swiftly cancelled – rightly so.

Not to mention, pop girlies such as Sabrina Carpenter, Chappelle Roan and Charli XCX are killing it right now so there are high expectations in the music world. We can only hope Katy maybe addresses some of the claims or that the album is going to be an amazing pop revival. Here’s a rundown of all the details of the drama surrounding the new song from Katy Perry so far:

Katy Perry posts a TikTok of new single Woman’s World



♬ Womans World by Katy Perry – Katy Perry

On 17th June, Katy Perry teased a snippet of hew new single Woman’s World that is due to be out on 11th July. She sings the  lyrics over a pop beat “Sexy, confident. So intelligent. She is heaven sent. So soft, so strong.”

There was some savage comments about the single sounding like an AI

Um, so the comment section was not loving the new teaser. There was savage comments such as “are these AI lyrics???”, ”shocked the album isn’t called live, laugh, love with this single” and ”why does this feel like the sims music?” People genuinely were thinking the song was AI produced or it had been rejected from another pop star to be recycled to Katy Perry.

It was discovered that Dr. Luke helped produced the song

Rolling Stone confirmed that Katy Perry had been working with Dr. Luke on her upcoming album. The music producer Dr. Luke, who worked with Kesha is set to produce Katy’s new single. Dr. Luke was accused in a series of lawsuits of “sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally” abusing Kesha. However the pair settled their claims and counterclaims in the litigation and Dr. Luke strenuously denied Kesha’s allegations. Understandably though, this has caused some backlash amongst Katy’s fan and some users even saying Katy was “morally bankrupt.” Although, X user @electricrafik wrote that Katy Perry is in a contract to create three more albums for Dr Luke as he has worked on many of her previous hit records such as Roar.  A lot of fans said this pairing completely contradicted the girl power lyrics of her new song.

Kesha throws shade at Katy Perry on X

Kesha seemingly hit back at Katy Perry working with Dr. Luke tweeting “lol” shortly after the snippet of her single was released. The lack of explaining what this tweet was about made fans think there was shade involved. Silence speaks volumes as they say.

Katy Perry then deletes her initial TikTok audio of her new single

Confusingly, Katy Perry then deletes her initial TikTok which teased her single. This furthered the rumours that the song was in fact written by AI and she had seen the comment section. She has 7.3million followers on TikTok so it was not a subtle marketing move to remove the video. There was speculations she had gone back into the studio to re-record the entire song – ouch.

She then posts a TikTok with a new snippet of the single and reposts the original clip



♬ Woman’s World – Katy Perry

Fans got a new single teaser on the 22nd June that sounds a lot better than the first TikTok clip. The singer lip syncs to a more upbeat song with different lyrics such as “it’s a woman’s world and you’re lucky to be living in it.” When the music abruptly stops she says: “That’s all you get.” Comments on this video seemed more positive though with fans apologising for criticising her last video saying this sounded a lot better. Weirdly, she then puts back up the TikTok that she took down with the AI speculated song. Drama around her new song is definitely a rocky start to a comeback for Katy Perry!

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