Katy Perry voting Rick Caruso

Okay here’s why Katy Perry voting for Rick Caruso has got people so angry on Twitter

Caruso is a former Republican and billionaire

You might have seen a lot of anger and bewildered confusement online centred at Katy Perry as the United States votes in its midterms, and if you don’t fully understand the American political system you can end up finding yourself more lost than when you started. Katy is being dubbed “the female Chris Pratt” for her midterms vote, which she boldly shared on Instagram – but what’s got people angry and saying she’s cancelled? Here’s all you need to know about why Katy Perry voting for Rick Caruso has got people online so angry.

Okay, who’s Rick Caruso?

Rick Caruso is one of two Democrat candidates running for LA mayor. However, Caruso was a long-time Republican until recently. He actively donated to anti-abortion organisations and politicians previously, and despite the fact he’s changed his political stances and now pledges to give $1 million in support of a pro-choice movement, none of that money is yet to have been received.

Caruso has also been criticised because he used to be Chairman on the Board of Trustees at USC when a gynaecologist was allowed to leave despite multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, and when asked about it Caruso refused to comment. Rick Caruso is also a billionaire.

Katy Perry has been vocally pro-choice – her voting here for Caruso over Karen Bass has received criticism.

Elon Musk also voted Caruso

Katy Perry wasn’t alone when it comes to celebs voting Rick Caruso – Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg and Chris Pratt did also. Since sharing her vote on Instagram, Katy Perry has turned her comments off. She won’t be able to turn the Twitter backlash off quite as easily.

‘It’s incredibly disappointing’

Several reactive tweets condemning Katy Perry for voting for Rick Caruso do not mince their words. “This just shows you how bad things have gotten. That a celebrity would not only vote R, but then publicly post it. You could say the energy is shifting.”

One read: “As much as the right try to spin it, Katy Perry voting for Rick Caruso is not an indication of anything other than a rich white woman voting for a fake Democrat who will ultimately have no effect on the quality of her life but will worsen the lives of many others.”

“Katy Perry voting for Rick Caruso should be the least surprising thing that happens today. She grew up in Santa Barbara, her parents were local televangelists, she came from money and is a millionaire. What did you think she was going to do? Said Malynda Hale said, in a now deleted tweet.

I’m ready to sorrowfully denounce her Just Eat song as the greatest piece of music ever. We weep for what we have lost.

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