Katy Perry Just Eat lyrics

If you get 10/10 on this Katy Perry Just Eat lyrics quiz you deserve a massive takeaway

Song of the year methinks!

Katy Perry decided that in 2022 she was not coming to play. If Katy Perry, one of the greatest pop stars of all time, was ever going to do a huge ad campaign for a takeaway delivery company she was going to do so with one of the best pop songs pens could write. Katy Perry and her Did Somebody Say Just Eat banger has the best song of 2022 – and I’m not afraid to say it. But how well do you know the lyrics to Did Somebody Say Just Eat by Katy Perry?!

Katy Perry has never stopped penning the bops throughout her long and successful career, but Did Somebody Say Just Eat is the best song she’s dropped in years. The fact it’s not on Spotify is a crime – especially because jammy Apple Music users get to stream it on there. So, if you think you know your subs, pizzas, sushi, salads, coffees, ice creams and açais from each other and you’ve got the rings, dings and dongs down to an art form, take this Katy Perry Did Somebody Say Just Eat lyrics quiz and see how really well you know the unofficial anthem of the year.

Listen to the full Did Somebody Say Just Eat by Katy Perry advert here.

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