This is which York college all the 2021 Love Islanders would be in

The college I’d like to couple up with is…

Love Island is back and football’s coming home. All we need now is sunshine and it’s summer 2018 all over again. It’s been over a year since Love Island graced our screens, gluing us to the TV at 9pm every night, and this year’s fresh batch of hot singles are bringing the drama already.

After a full week of episodes, naturally it’s time to place each member of the cast into a University of York college.

Chloe – Constantine

I’m not sure whether it is Chloe’s posh voice, confidence or hair extensions, but she would definitely be right at home in Constantine. Her self-proclaimed love for attention and the the finer things in life would not go a miss in East’s boujie accomodation. Despite taking an episode or two to warm up, Chloe will undoubtedly bring some drama to the villa, in true Conny style. She definitely drives a Fiat 500 x

Liberty – Constantine

Liberty is different and represents the other kind of Constantine girl. The kind of girl that would buy shots for all her mates at the bar but lets you borrow her make-up and tells you you’re gorgeous in the club toilets. Her passions listed on her LinkedIn page are “fashion and marketing” which give off massive Constantine energy. Her chatty and bubbly personality would not be out of place there and she would definitely know the entire college’s gossip.

Chuggs – Constantine

Chuggs epitomises the typical Constantine boy. He thinks he’s the biggest lad in York but just actually isn’t. He had a posh upbringing and his business selling bucket hats exudes typical Constantine, wannabe entrepreneur energy. Judging from his Instagram, Chuggs is used to the finer things in life so the big Conny double beds and kitchen islands would be right up his street. Would 100 per cent play for Hes East rugby.

Faye – Langwith

Faye’s no-nonsense attitude places her firmly in Langwith. Her argument with Brad was the first in the villa representing, in true Langwith style, her love for drama. Despite this, it is hard to dislike her when she is so brutally honest.

Rachel – Langwith

Rachel’s honest attitude, combined with her independence would also not go amiss in Langwith. Her confident personality would make her a BNOC on Campus East and her loyalty would make her a proud member of the college forever chanting “LANGWITH TILL I DIE” on the back of the 66. She would 100 per cent be the social sec for Langwith netball.

Toby – Halifax

Toby is just generally quite quiet. Like a typical Halifax boy, he keeps out of most problems and dramas (not difficult when it’s so far away). He’s so far, inoffensive and hasn’t made much of an impact, but in a few weeks there will be more to uncover about Toby. He’s been getting on with everyone in the villa and like a true Faxer, his solid personality is hard to not like.

Sharon – Derwent

Sharon represents the typical Derwent girl, louder than average, always up for a party, and mates with most people. Her dry, sarcastic personality would be right at home with the other Derwent girls. The type of girl who would pick Derwent to get the most ‘authentic’ uni experience. ‘Rah where’s my baccy’ kind of gal, but nonetheless commands respect from everyone. Would be seen at Club D events in Flares and a vintage Nike jumper from her thriving Depop business.

Brad – Derwent

Brad’s laddish persona would be right at home in Derwent. He would definitely make D-bar a second home and would be at every party on campus. His chaotic and arguably toxic personality traits are masked with his chilled vibes like a typical Derwent boy. He would 100 per cent be found topless, downing VKs on top floor Salvos.

Jake – James

Jake’s love for the gym combined with his ‘lad’ behaviour would place him firmly in James. His main focus in college would be the gym and girls. Wishes he was Derwent but not quite, his foot fetish would be a quirk he would own in James college. He would definitely captain James Rugby and down pints with the lads at all the socials.

Liam – Goodricke

Apart from being good-looking, Liam is yet to make a huge impact in the villa. Despite the rumour that Goodricke doesn’t exist, it indeed does and contains some of the most easy-going students in York. Like a true Goodricke boy, Liam’s laid-back, happy to be there attitude will get him far in the competition.

Kaz – Vanbrugh

Kaz is the kind of girl who everyone wants to be friends with. Unproblematic, kind, and a girls-girl. Always drama-free forever involved in the action. The kind of gal you’d cry to in a club toilet because a boy upset you. She would 100 per cent be there with tissues bigging you up and telling you he’s not worth it. Similar to the Constantine girls but with a bit more humanity, it’s not hard to imagine Kaz getting everyone involved in the sesh. Good vibes.

Aaron – Vanbrugh

Aaron represents the typical Vanbrugh boy, wishes he was in Derwent or James but has to make do with his situation. His job as a luxury events host shows his love for BNOC’ing and social climbing so would be right at home in Vanbrugh. Despite this, he’d be a laugh on a night out and be found pulling a different girl every night.

Hugo – Alcuin

Hugo’s sweet and quiet personality would place him happily in Alcuin. Arguably the quietest college on Campus West, Hugo would spend all his time either in the library or the sports centre. So far he hasn’t made much of an impact in the villa, and his attempts to make waves will be unsuccessful. However, like an Alcuin boy, his inoffensive personality is redeeming and everyone is secretly rooting for him.

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