A definitive list of the best (and worst) places to cry on York’s campus this exam season

Not to brag but I’m kind of an expert

Everyone needs a good cry sometimes, especially during exam season. The benefits of letting it all out are endless. That being said, not all on campus crying locations were made equal.

In recognition of this, we have compiled a list of the best (and worst) possible locations for a little cry on the Uni of York campus to help you through this exam season.


Morrell Library quiet/silent zones

Not the most private spot, but so long as you keep your sobbing quiet you shouldn’t be interrupted from your well deserved moment. Plus with Covid, Morrell is pretty quiet and everyone else is here to study and/or cry so you’re with great company.

Another benefit to Morrell, once you’re done crying, you can get straight back to the exam prep.

Fairhurst Library single study areas

Provided you had the foresight to book ahead (a nightmare in itself these things are like goldust) a single study area is a great option for a revision/cry sesh. Perfect for privacy, terrible for a spontaneous breakdown.

Heslington Hall lawns

If you can keep from disturbing others with your misery, there is no better place to have a cry. Beautiful surroundings including Heslington Hall, the Quiet Place, and of course Derwent will be an excellent backdrop to an exam inspired breakdown.

Halls bedroom

This is the true neutral option, a perfect choice for a private comfortable cry with all the amenities of your room; I wonder if Silverfish are sympathetic? For an added flair, try weeping in a flat mates room –  might I suggest a dramatic fall to the floor.

Honourable mentions:

At home because of Covid

Are you okay? Why are you even crying?

York Sport Village swimming pool

Underwater, no one will even know you’re crying. Shame it takes like a month to get there.



Please don’t, the staff will probably ask you to leave. Take your shopping to your accommodation and cry into your pillow like the rest of us. Nobody wants to encounter a weeping student whilst stress buying Pringles.

Greg’s Place

Very very public. There is nowhere to hide your sorrows – at least there are benches and scenic views of Central Hall and Campus Lake. You may encounter sympathy or just bemused stares. That is the risk you must take.

Anywhere on Hes East

Who wants to walk that far to cry?

 Morrell first floor toilets

Club toilets may be a great location to drunkenly sob on a night out, you might even make a life long friend. This, however, is really is not a good option for a decent cry; not for you or anyone who walks in. The stalls have no soundproofing and they are quite possibly the busiest toilets on campus.

On the banks of campus lake

Yes, it may be the largest plastic-bottomed lake in Europe and yes, you may see a particularly famous löngthy duck waddle past, but expect no sympathy from the geese. To them, your tears show weakness and they thrive on weakness.

In a one night stand’s bed

Yikes, I really wouldn’t recommend this one. This is not the time or the place to sob – expect awkward consolation. Finish what you came for and get the hell out of there.

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