10 ways to say you go to Uni of York without actually saying it

Promise not all of them are geese related

If you’re a student at the University of York chances are you’ve been hurled abuse from friends at other unis for being a boring uni. Now we might have a dwindling selection of clubs but we do have a celebrity duck so who’s the real winner here?

So we thought it only right to make a list of the top 10 things that scream York to see if that statement rings true.

1. A newfound love (or hatred) for Geese and other waterfowl

Image credit @wanderersofyork

Now I know I said that not all of these are geese related but this had to be included. Outnumbering us on campus, geese and ducks have a special place on the Uni of York campus and whether you love or hate them (they really freak me out) you’ll undeniably learn more random geese facts than the average human. For example, rumour has it our terms are actually arranged around the geese mating season.

2. Long Boi

Image Credit @longboiyork

Whilst we’re on the topic of geese, how could I not include York’s newest Mr. Worldwide, Long Boi. After achieving worldwide internet fame earlier this month, Long Boi has become any York student’s claim to fame. What a legend.

3. Salvos Wednesday

Ah the sweet sweet joys of a Wednesday Salvos. A distant memory to any second and third year, this years’ freshers haven’t known the joys of a Salvos Wednesday. Downing copious amounts of VK and looking round to see someone in a toga, someone as a superhero and someone wearing a bin bag. You really can’t beat it.

4. Salt and Pepper

Now called York Pizza and Kebabs (seriously?) we can’t include Salvos without including the ultimate pilgrimage to Salt and Pepper following it. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted the goodness of cheesy chips and gravy before stumbling home. Easily the best part of the night out.

5. Not getting in to your firm uni

Love you really York x

Now don’t get me wrong I adore it at York and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But I think I can count on one hand the people I know for which it was their first choice. As a Durham reject myself (boo them) seven out of ten in my first year flat were rejected by their firm choice uni.

6. Spending your entire loan in Nisa

Image may contain: Text Message, Text

Tb to when a goose was trapped in Nisa x

Why bother trekking to Aldi when Nisa is a minute’s walk away and you can buy Pringles in your pyjamas?

7. The 66

The 66 just doesn’t hit the same in Covid-times

A true awakening for any freshers embarking on their first York night out is the 66 bus ride to town. Crammed in like sardines, trying to see just how many people will fit on the back seat is a true bonding experience. So get your best rugby lad voice out for the chants rattling the walls of the 66.

8. Silverfish

My flatmate’s Halloween costume last year x

Now depending on your college, you might be lucky enough to avoid this one. But some of you unlucky lot will be no stranger to our lovely silver friends. They really need to start paying my rent.

9. Blue Shits

Stone Roses: A classic for any York student. But when Blue shits and trebles are only four quid with top tier indie tunes you really can’t complain. Only downside is you leave looking like you’ve been snogging a smurf all night x

10. Kuda Camper van

Get me a VK ASAP

And finally, the Kuda Camper van. Now I realise most of these are night out related (I just miss going out okay) but the random camper van shoved in Kuda’s Tiki Bar is a wonder to anyone who downed a few too many Blue Shits in Stone Roses. Just be careful not to whack your head on the roof, speaking from experience.

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