Which college would the Bridgerton characters be in at York?

Daphne screams Constantine x


If you didn’t spend that hazy period in between Christmas and New Year consuming only mince pies and Christmas chocolates whilst binging Bridgerton I really don’t know what to say to you. 

The Gossip Girl turned Pride and Prejudice Drama made Netflix history earlier this year with over 82 million viewers. It’s therefore only right that we look at what York Colleges the characters of this scandalous show would be in.

Lady Whistledown: Goodricke

Firstly, Lady Whistledown: The Gossip Girl of this regency drama. Causes scandals and drama but leaves everyone questioning, do they actually exist? Much like Goodricke College itself. Being on East you’d think that Goodricke would be as rich or popular as Langwith and Constantine but in reality, it only leaves people questioning ‘Wait who?’ Therefore, the mystery of Lady Whistledown would remain easily concealed in York’s most irrelevant College. 

Daphne: Constantine

Next we have the Diamond of the season, Daphne Bridgerton. Daphne (and her infamous fringe) has to be Constantine. Constantine is the most expensive college at York so if Daphne were around today I can 100 per cent predict that she’d drive a Fiat 500 and used Daddy’s credit card to pay for her boujie en-suite Constantine room. She would have taken a Gap yah travelling around Thailand before uni and really “found herself” with a tapestry to prove it hung on her £179 a week room. 

Simon: Derwent

The Duke: the newfound crush of every single person that’s watched the show. I’m sure there’s no surprise after watching THOSE scenes in episodes five and six that Simon would be a Derwent boy and my god would he not shut up about it. The Duke would be seen at every single Salvos Wednesday downing VKs and leading rugby chants on the 66. Big Derwent energy.

Eloise: Alcuin

Eloise, I am certain would be happily placed in Alcuin. Sandwiched between The Library and The Science Block, Alcuin is known for being the most nerdy college, tucked up in bed by 11pm with a chamomile tea. This wouldn’t bother Eloise however, who would be kept busy making her way through than Morrell’s millions of books and getting that degree, just because she can. Intellectual queen.

Penelope: Halifax

This may be a rogue one but I believe quiet Penelope Featherington would thrive in Halifax. Halifax, although earning a bad rep for being the Goodricke of Campus West and being out in the sticks is actually decent (and I’m not just saying this as a proud member of Halifax College) and although seemingly irrelevant, has many secrets and just like Penelope is a lot more interesting than you first may think…

Will: James

James College’s only discernible personality is being the sporty college (that and not being able to cook) so of course the show’s resident boxer would be a member of James and captain every single sports team possible. He’d also turn up to every lecture in his sports stash (or that grey quarter zip merch every single member of James seems to own) just so everyone knows how much of a BNOC he is.

Anthony: Langwith

Anthony is 100 per cent the Langwith type. Whether it be the fluffy hair, his sideburns or his illicit love affair, I can absolutely see Anthony at Langwith. A fairly inoffensive and lively college, Langwith boys have the reputation of pulling the most girls so Anthony I’m sure would be found downing pints in Glasshouse or hosting a huge pres before heading off to Flares and pulling any girl in sight. 

Marina: Vanbrugh 

At the centre of campus but not quite the centre of attention, Vanbrugh students are the tame younger siblings of Derwent. Believing she’s the centre of attention, Marina would have applied for Vanbrugh in attempt to gain BNOC status but never quite found her feet and instead spends the majority of her time drinking in V-bar. 

Lady Danbury: Wentworth

York’s only Postgrad college, Wentworth is bursting with an air of maturity. Just here to get their PhD and be done with it, Wentworth students spend most of their time plugging their ears with earplugs and submitting noise complaints for rowdy freshers. Therefore, I believe Lady Danbury would be perfectly placed in Wentworth. Old and wise, that doesn’t mean Lady Danbury isn’t one of the most iconic characters in the show however. Her wisdom and matchmaking does bring us the iconic couple of Daphne and Simon after all, legend.


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