Things in our student houses which just make sense

Bringing the TikTok trend to the student houses of York

The TikTok trend of students across the country sharing the funniest and strangest things in their university homes that “just make sense” continues. This time, we have collected the most obscure things in University of York student houses that really do just make sense.

Whether it be the classic cone taken from the streets by you and your mates on a drunken night out, or the array of glasses collected (stolen) over many “I’m just taking this glass outside to have a drink” nights, student house interior design is truly one of a kind…

Road signs

The essential accessory to any York home. Always aligned with a great night out story that radiates “this house is mad” energy when anybody enters. No one is quite sure about the novelty of possessing one and let’s be honest, it’s not exactly allowed, but no one can deny they do indeed jazz up the house. Stealing one of these is just part of the uni experience.

Snazzy home furnishings that are actually quite scary

Landlords and their attempts at furnishing the student home is more often that not, a complete disaster. The fact the majority of them can buy wacky home furnishings with ease but take weeks to mend any broken appliances will always be laughable. Wondering how to add a little class to your living room? A portrait of a majestic flamingo in full armour will do nicely. Deffo a piece you’d see on 60 Minute Makeover.

Any form of sporting merchandise

Fashionable and durable, uni sports merch is the best way to assert your sporting dominance over your fellow students. Whether you’re on college team or uni team, the sense of pride while wearing it is incomparable. A quick way to become a BNOC is wearing it so much it becomes a personality trait. It’s the best way to show team spirit whilst being a true fashion icon.

A collection of glasses from the local

There’s something quite exciting about “borrowing” pint glasses from the local to use instead of your own. Especially in lockdown, it really does bring the ambiance of the pub setting to the home. Nothing like stealing (sorry “borrowing”) glasses from your fave local.

A jacuzzi bathtub 

Some may say a very unnecessary addition to a student home. We say a home furnishing straight out of an episode of MTV Cribs. Boris’ news conferences causing concern? Deadlines making you worry? The thought of never having a salvos Wednesday again making you stress? Jump in the tub and relax in your very own spa. Forget about en-suite bathrooms, this is another level.

A garden full of ducks and geese

Would it really be a York student house if there wasn’t a duck or geese infiltration every couple of weeks? Not the friendliest of pets but a staple in the York ecosystem and a lot more efficient than guard dogs. Sadly, York’s favourite Longboi is yet to be sighted in Tang Hall.

A cardboard cutout of a celebrity icon

Purchasing a cardboard cutout so life-like they basically become an extra housemate. Whether it be Rita Ora or Joe Biden, they will always be there to join in on the antics and listen to the house gossip with no judgment whatsoever. There’s nothing like playing ring of fire with Joe and Rita.

A stupidly large bed that is definitely not meant for students

In some York houses, a super king size bed is up for grabs and it is every man for himself to try and claim it. More often than not it is the smallest person that claims the win to the largest bed. Can’t be mad though when you can fit all five housemates in it. A serious upgrade from the tiny 3/4 beds that landlords usually try to pass as a double.

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