University of York announces implementation of latest Real Living Wage rate to staff

Staff in grade one will receive a wage increase of 0.004 pence per hour

The University of York announced that it has implemented the latest real Living Wage rate to staff members from 1st April 2024.

Colleagues currently on point 12 of the university’s pay spine previously received £11.996 per hour, but the increase has meant staff will receive a raise of 0.004 pence per hour.

The university explained that the current spine point 12 is slightly less than £12 per hour, as hourly rates are calculated by dividing annual salary by full time contracted hours (37) and the number of weeks in the year (52.143).

In order to remain “accredited”, the University of York announced that colleagues in current grade point 1.2 will move to spine point 13 and see an increase in salary to £12 per hour.

This change has been made due to the university upholding its commitment to being an accredited real Living Wage employer, as it has done since 2021.

The university announced on it’s website: “To support our continued commitment we will be making a minor change to the university’s pay structure to reflect the most recent uplift announced by the Living Wage Foundation.”

It added that the change was decided on with the trade union: “We have worked closely with our trade union colleagues to agree to these changes that will affect colleagues in grade 1.

“Where this change impacts casual, apprentice, intern and temp pool rates they will be uplifted accordingly with effect from 1 April 2024.”

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