University of York campus celebrity Long Boi goes viral

We knew him before he was famous x


The University of York’s biggest campus celebrity Long Boi has reached international fame after he went viral on Friday for being such a löngthy duck. Long Boi has been a well known name on York’s campus for a while now with his own Instagram account and merch range.

But after this tweet from Dick King-Smith went viral, Long Boi has been picked up by ITV, The Sun, Buzzfeed and even James Corden on the Late Late Show. Long Boi has become a national treasure.

People around the world are amazed at just how long Long Boi is with rumours circulating that he stands at one metre tall.

Zoe Duffin, a third year Biology student and owner of Long Boi’s Instagram account told ITV: “I think everyone at York can say we are all very proud of Long Boi, our waterfowl are very loved and central to the university experience here at York.” Long Boi’s Instagram has since achieved nearly 20,000 followers.

She went on to say: “I can’t quite believe it! My one aspiration for Long Boi’s account was to reach 10k followers, he’s reached and passed that in just a matter of hours, which is incredible. I’m loving seeing all the memes, and hearing how much joy he’s spreading to others.”

Peter Crouch, the 6ft 7 football player identified himself with Long Boi, calling him “My kind of duck”.

Prominent YouTuber and York alumni Phil Lester also got involved in the Long Boi craze stating: “This is just a photo of me when I went to this uni”.

Long Boi’s fame all started when a post on Reddit’s ‘Photoshop Battles’ named him as the tallest mallard to ever live. Being half mallard and half Indian Runner duck this technically isn’t true, but we love him all the same. After memes began to circulate, Long Boi’s legendary status began to grow.

He even reached international fame, when Long Boi was picked up by James Corden with a feature on The Late Late Show.

Long Boi’s fame continues to grow with memes circulating of him next to the Eiffel Tower or as an Avenger. We’re very proud, what a löngthy legend.

Featured Image via Instagram: @longboiyork

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