York to award Long Boi an honorary degree for all he’s done for the university

What an educated böi

After devastatingly losing at the last hurdle in 2020’s BNOC of the year competition, it is with great pleasure that The York Tab can exclusively announce that Long Boi will be awarded an honorary degree by the University of York.

When thinking of the Uni of York BNOC’s, I guarantee the first one to pop into your head will be Long Boi. The löngthy boi, half mallard and half Indian runner duck is a campus celebrity with well over 7,000 followers at @longboiyork and even his own merch range.

Long Boi will receive his honorary degree to thank him for his services to the university at this year’s graduation ceremonies where he will officially become Long Boi PhD.

Ben, a second year Chemistry student at the University of York told The York Tab: “Long Boi is a ducking campus legend and has done a lot for this university so this award was a long time coming, I’m chuffed for the lad.”

The York Tab spoke to Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery, who will be awarding Long Boi the degree, and he said: “I am delighted to officially award Long Boi an honorary degree at this year’s graduation. The duck has done so much for the university: from encouraging freshers to attend York to keeping students’ morale high during the pandemic, he is a perfect ambassador for York and is fully deserving of this.”

Although graduation ceremonies will be taking place online this summer, Long Boi’s honorary degree will make the graduation ceremonies just a little more special.

While he may not be an official BNOC, Long Boi can add an honorary degree to his list of accomplishments, and “Dr. Long Boi” certainly has a ring to it.

The York Tab approached @longboiyork for a comment and he said “quack.” Clearly a man of few words.

Featured image via Instagram @longboiyork

Although we wish this could happen, check the date – April Fool’s!