Vote for the York BNOC 2020 winner on this lockdown bank holiday

Some BNOC bank holiday fun

It’s here. The competition to find the Biggest Name On Campus of 2020 is nearing its end and we have ONE final round to determine who will gain such an esteemed title. That’s right folks, it’s the FINAL. After six rounds brimming with campus celebrities, they have been narrowed down to the final six. From TikTok stars to geese, you have voted and voted for those you deemed worthy to have a place in the final, but now it is up to YOU to decide who you want to crown BNOC 2020!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the six BNOC 2020 finalists…


Jade Brewer

Year: 3rd Year

Course:  Maths

3 Words to describe them: The absolute bomb.

Who doesn’t know Jade Brewer? Jade is described as being honestly one of the nicest people and whenever others go out with her she is always stopped by everyone on her way. She is an incredible girl and deserves that recognition!

Jade responded to being in the final with, “Does this mean I’ve reached my peak?” Yes Jade, yes it does.


Jacob Harlow

Year: 1st Year

Course: Adult Nursing

3 Words to describe them: Caring, funny, flamboyant

Described often as a ‘TikTok star’, ‘TikTok famous’ and ‘Campus King’, Jacob is undoubtedly popular amongst those in Alcuin and beyond, who is known for his ‘iconic material on the daily’ on TikTok. He is described as ‘honestly one of the nicest people I’ve met at Uni’ and once bought people drinks because someone had stolen their credit card. ‘If someone on campus was Regina George, it would be Jacob’.

Jacob said, “Aw that’s great, love that for me haha. My parents are BNOCs, so they expect nothing less. It’s nice to know that I’m respected around campus, it’s all I could ask for.”



Year: N/A

Course: Swimming/Duck Studies/Lake Studies/BA in Quacking

3 Words to describe them: Majestic longthy boi

Longboi brings joy to everyone on campus, and when 6th formers visit they ask to see the “long duck”. Always seen chilling around campus and known by practically everyone, Longboi gets fan art and free food from people he doesn’t even know; he is the ultimate BNOC. He is described by students as an “absolute baller”.

Longboi was certainly eggstatic to reach the final: “So far the competition has been going swimmingly! Hopefully it’s a sneak beak of what is yet to come…I think I’d make an eggcellent Big Neck On Campus, and I only hope that being a fully-fledged campus celebrity is all it’s quacked up to be!”


Sophie Stamford

Year: 2nd Year

Course: English Lit

3 words to describe them: Energetic, funny, absolutely nuts

Why are they a BNOC? “Never stops dancing and knows everyone, on campus, in salvos and in town including all the bouncers and bartenders. Stands up for literally anyone if something is up. Is absolutely fucking nuts yet a 10/10 that every boy dribbles over.”

In response to making it to the final, Sophie said, “I’m truly honoured, a huge thank you to my Salvos addiction and the entirety of Emma’s Snapchat for the votes xx”


Jack Allan

Year: 2nd Year

Course: Economics

3 Words to describe them: Failed first year

There wasn’t much needed to reason why Jack was nominated for the infamous Biggest Name On Campus, with one of his envious fans explaining, “They know every girl on campus and it’s making me jealous.” Fair enough.

Jack kept it short but sweet with his response to making it to the final; “Pure respect.”


Brooke Patrick

Year:  3rd Year

Course: Social policy

3 words to describe them: Biggest BNOC ever

Why are they a BNOC? “Knows every man and their dog.”

Brooke responded to being in the final with, “I feel pretty shocked but it’s hilariously ironic that my name was wrong for a BNOC award. Thanks for people who voted! Made isolation a lot better – vote Brooke Vincent for the final ayy”


So there you go, six BNOC finalists all awaiting your vote…