It’s time for the second round of Warwick Tab BNOC votes

Time to crown the BNOC finalist number two

Now that we’ve had an incredible first round of voting, it’s officially time for the second one. We’ve had a total of over 1,100 votes in the first round alone, so thank you to everyone who participated!

Next up, we’ve got a crazy bunch of BNOCs for you. They’re popular, they’re smart and they have got a TON of fans supporting them in what could possibly be the highlight of their lives. This ruthless competition is make or break, so let’s get right into it.

Remember, after this there will be one more round of voting. When the three grand finalists are finally chosen, the Warwick Tab BNOC final will ensue and it will be glorious. Please note that voting for this round will close on Sunday!

So, here are the next five BNOCs – all eagerly running for the second spot in the final.

Enoch Mukungu

First up is Enoch Mukungu. He’s a third year History and Politics student and is infamous for his name rhyming with BNOC. Enoch the BNOC certainly has a nice ring to it, but is he worthy of the official title?

He says: “I’m pretty sure the only reason that this is happening is because my name rhymes with BNOC, and I will never forgive my parents for doing that to me.” Well Enoch, maybe your parents were just preparing you for your destiny as The Tab Warwick BNOC of 2022.

Can Enoch the potential Tab Warwick BNOC rely on your vote? Let him know!

Max Pike

Now we’ve got Max Pike. He’s a first year PAIS student who seems to be exec on like, three different societies. Does this make him BNOC material? Let’s find out.

Here’s what he had to say: “To be quite frank I feel a bit offended being asked to prove I am a BNOC. I don’t need no proving baby, cus I JUST AM, I JUST AM A BNOC. I most probably hold the record for the most exec positions as a fresher and I am a full-time uni dad. I’m just so busy being a BNOC, I left starting every essay this year within 24 hours of the deadline. So vote for me bitches and I’ll give you free food when I’m socs officer.”

Clearly, he’s just a down-to-earth, humble student who just can’t help but be dragged into the spotlight. We feel you Max, we really do.

Gaby Shedwick

Next up is Gaby Shedwick. She’s a Sociology student in her second year of uni – and she has quite the BNOC resume. Here’s what she told The Tab: “Eurovision! Have you heard of it? I have. I organised Eurovision on Campus this year. Did you see the Campus Eurovision Party? It went viral. Did you see that Tiktok? That was me. That was alllll me. Have I mentioned Eurovision? Warwick let me takeover their Instagram to promote my party. Has your party been in the Uni Instagram. It was all for Eurovision.”

Evidently, Gaby has worked hard with organising a great campus event (we even covered it right here at The Warwick Tab). However, according to the ones who nominated, she “has the worst music taste ever known”? Bit harsh. Does Gaby have your BNOC vote?


Thomas F

Here we’ve got Thomas F, a final year student studying Economics. Apparently he knows a lot of people on campus and takes absolutely ages walking through the Piazza, according to those who have nominated him. He’s also rather famously known as the “Beyoncé” of Warwick and had over 100 people at his Halloween party. Pretty impressive tbh.

He told us: ‘This is a picture of me climbing into a freezer to cool down because I’m so hot. If you see me on campus or in Leam: no you don’t.”

Can’t say I’ve ever set foot inside of a literal freezer before, but it seems pretty cool.

Lorenzo Cumia

Last but not least, there’s Lorenzo Cumia. He’s a third year student doing Business Management and according to those who have nominated him, “it would be an insult to the ENTIRE European community if Lorenzo doesn’t win this award – you can’t go anywhere without him bumping into someone he knows and suddenly breaking into one of the seven languages he speaks for about forty minutes.” We stan a multilingual king.

He promised us this: “If I win I’ll open an OnlyFans.” Can we take his word for it? Do the people of Warwick want to see Lorenzo’s OnlyFans? There’s only one way to find out.

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