Student claims she saw a man crush a pill into her drink in Moo Leamington

She alleges the bouncers ‘didn’t take much notice of the situation’

A student at the University of Warwick claims she saw a man crush a pill into her drink in Moo Leamington on Friday 29th October. However, the bouncers at the bar allegedly failed to remove the man and ignored her requests to have him removed from the venue and banned.

Speaking anonymously to The Warwick Tab, the student explained: “Me and a big group of friends- all students- went to Moo around 12:30/1am. I had noticed this guy looking at me during the night. Around 2am I was at the bar and was passed my drink by the bartender. As I waited for my friend to be passed hers, I saw the guy I’d noticed earlier put his hand directly over my drink and drop what I presume to be a pill into it.

“I confronted him straight away, saying ‘I just saw you put that into my drink, why did you do that?’ but I think he was on something or extremely drunk as he wasn’t really making sense and was mumbling. He refused to take my drink when I told him to drink it.”

She then left the drink at the bar, and went to tell the bouncers with her friends who, she claims, did not take much notice of the situation. She explained: “My friends kept pushing it and they apparently searched the guy but found nothing, so couldn’t kick him out.

“I went back to the guy to find out his name, and he had just bought another girl a drink so I warned her of what happened. When confronting him, he became strange and aggressive. At this point, other people at Moo were noticing something was going on.

“We went outside, where we again spoke to the bouncers and they said they had a photo of his ID and would review CCTV in the morning. By this point, Moo was closing and the guy had left and so did we, but I’m not convinced anything was done by Moo or the bouncers to prevent him from re entering.

She also claims that despite following up the situation with Moo, she had not heard anything about it since. She is considering passing on photos of the man to the police which they’d taken that night, but doubts anything would come of it due to a lack of further evidence.

This is not the only incident that happened that night at Moo, as another female member of the group claims she was groped repeatedly at the venue. She said: “Within five minutes of entering Moo, I felt someone squeeze my behind but when I turned around to see who it was, there were too many people to see who it was. This happened multiple times that night.”

Moo has been contacted for comment.

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