Warwick BNOC 2017 nomination: Raven Saunt

People chanted her name outside Vialli’s

Our newest nominee for Warwick BNOC 2017 is second year History student Raven Saunt.

Raven has a snap score of over 100,000 and writes for The Boar. She’s also a member of both History and Financial Soc and has a roadman jacket that everybody seems to love. Her friends say she’s “the real deal”.

Raven’s friends also say that she loves jokes about her name because truthfully “you don’t forget a name like Raven.” This was proved by Raven when we asked her to comment on her nomination:

“I told my parents I would achieve great things at uni #thatssoraven #letthechallengebegin.” While she insists there is no link between her and the other “Ravens”, the BBC programme was actually released on her birthday. Spooky.

Apparently Raven is super humble despite currently having 23 friend requests from randomers on fb, a proposal from a local in Smack, and so many invites to pre’s that she has to split her time between them.

Raven’s also good mates with a Smack bouncer, she gets “a guaranteed hug and queue jump when he’s in.” She once impressed everyone downstairs with some unexpected rap skills.

However her friends say that Raven “has been to every single lecture like ever” despite “never turning down a sesh.”

Raven’s funny stories include her consistently using the staff lift in the library, no questions asked, as well as having two “official uni stalkers – both with restraining orders most likely.” Plus she dated a rower on the official Uni of Oxford team.

Further nominees will be released soon.