A definitive ranking of every moment in this week’s Made In Chelsea that made you cringe

Including every time Harry Baron says ‘hello sweetie’

What an episode. There were public fights, relationship dramas and champagne being poured directly into people’s mouths – the classic MIC trio.

But wasn’t some of it just plain awful? Like Harry Baron, and everything that came out of his mouth during this week’s episode.

Because some bits were just so bad, we have neatly ordered the worst moments: from the badly staged to the horribly acted. All in order of their respective horrendous nature

1. Sam and Jamie laugh hysterically as their girlfriends repeat “it’s not funny”

Pretty sure this was Frankie’s expression for the whole episode

It was all fun and games for the boys, joking about Jamie’s infidelity, until Frankie left the table crying.

Tiff tells the boys to stop being “so mean”, which is fair but really – what do you expect if you’re dating Sam Thompson and Jamie Laing?

2. The fact that they were drinking Canti prosecco

Did you get that on offer at Sains, Sam Thompson?

Hello? This is Made In Chelsea – where is the Moet? I know for sure that Canti is cheap prosecco because it is the prosecco that I buy (because it is always on offer for seven quid, sweet deals). 

You are not students, MIC cast, you are supposed to be the social elite – step up your game.

3. Toff going for a run in platforms

Mark Francis would NOT approve

Toff babe, that isn’t just Made In Chelsea-esque ridiculousness, that is dangerous.

Running in platforms is a fast track to a broken ankle. And then to make matters worse you have to go to A&E and explain to the doctor that it happened because you were RUNNING IN PLATFORMS.

4. When the boys “surprise” the party guests

“Did someone say PARTAYYY!”

Jamie, Sam and Mytton all running in screaming and clapping (???) to announce their arrival to a party is bad enough but…who let them in?

I would say that this is grade A staged Made In Chelsea, but I actually wouldn’t put it past the host to have a butler, so it’s ranked mid-level on this list.

5. Every time Harry Baron says “hello sweetie”

And yet it is pronounced as “sweedie”. Bonus points for horribleness if it is said with this expression:

6. The fact that Frederik knew one very convenient pick up line in Icelandic

This is pure bullshit Fred and even I can see it. You probably just asked, “please can I have a coke?” in Icelandic and poor Mimi thinks you’re being romantic.

Real eyes realise real lies, Fred – can you say that in Icelandic?

6. This scene

It was weird for all of us, Ella

Possibly the worst Made in Chelsea scene to ever grace our screens. Harry walks down the stairs to meet Ella and promptly tells her that she looks beautiful three times to which she eventually responds, “really?”

This isn’t the worst part though. This is ranked highest because of:

“It’s so nice to see you.”

“Yeah but it’s weird.”

“No it’s nice.”

“No it’s weird.”

“Yeah but you can’t deny it’s nice.”

“Yeah it’s nice but it’s weird.”

…Why do we still watch this show?