Significant rise in street crime near Cannon Park

International students are apparently being targeted

Following an increase in street crime targeting students near the Cannon Park area, the University of Warwick have issued a warning specifically to international students, urging them to exercise caution when walking near the university campus.

The email was sent out to students last week, following reports of intimidation, threats, robbery and violence being exercised against students. Many of these incidents have been in Cannon Park on the path connecting Shultern Lane and Cannocks Lane running around the back of Canley Crematorium.

The email provides suggestions to help students reduce the risk of becoming a target. These include travelling in groups, avoiding isolated areas and remaining alert when walking (for example avoiding using headphones or phones). The full list of recommendations can be found here.

All of the incidents so far have reportedly included international students. The specific targeting of international students remains unexplained, but the email insists that “anyone could become a victim”.

The rise in crimes around Cannon Park has become an increasing issue, with reports last term that students were being targeted in knife-point robberies. 

The University have stated that they are collaborating with the police to combat the recent rise in street crime. When discussing last term’s reported attacks, Peter Dunn, spokesman for the University of Warwick, said, “We are aware of the incidents and are working closely with police, and are very pleased with their response.

“These incidents are not something we have ever experienced before in this intensity and are an aberration that the police are dealing with to help make our students, and everyone else in the community, safe.”