Gas Leak at Warwick Business School

Students were evacuated from the Business School on Monday after builders reportedly drilled into a gas pipe

Warwick Business School was shut down on Monday after a builder reportedly drilled through a gas pipe.

Students within the WBS building were evacuated and others waiting to attend lectures and seminars were subsequently asked not to enter the building.

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Security personnel told students at the time of the incident that the leak was caused by a builder inadvertently drilling through a gas pipe.

Third year accounting and finance student Sarah Bridges told The Tab, “I went to the Business School for a tutor meeting but wasn’t allowed in because of the leak.”

She elaborated, “They said, ‘Sorry, you can’t come in as everyone inside has had to be evacuated.’ All lectures in there had been cancelled. Then later I was allowed to go inside but only because I was going to a computer room.”


Ashley Potter from the WBS press office told The Tab: “The gas leak was reported at around 2.30pm. Students were evacuated at around 2.45pm and allowed back into the building under an hour later. The building was reported to be cleared later on that evening, at around 6.30pm.”