Clucking Hell! Nando’s comes to Leamington…

Nando’s to open Leamington Branch

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for, after years of communting to Coventry to get our peri peri fix Nando’s has announced it’s opening a Leamington Branch…

Announced for ‘June 2013’ , the restaurant is set to open at 3 Satchwell Court, Royal Priors.

Dean Boiles, the regional managing director (bets he’s extra hot), says the Satchwell Court restaurant will provide visitors with ‘a great experience’.
However what do the students of Warwick think? Is it Clucking Beauty or more Clucking Hell?

Quorn Queen, Yasmin Jay Hughes Pugh sees the opening as nothing more than a cock up stating “As a vegetarian I’m disappointed with there being another predominantly meat-serving restaurant opening in Leamington. It’s a shame that Nando’s doesn’t offer more for vegetarians and with the extortionate prices, I cannot say that I’m looking forward to the opening of the new branch.”

She has forgotten to note Nando’s do provide vegetarian options in the form of bean burgers and copious amounts of halloumi.

A guide for those Nando’s rookies out there…

A pure roasting (just the way she likes her vegetables) from a vegetarian, but what does a protein-loving Gym Genius like Alistair Rogers think when asked about the opening?

“Being able to try Nando’s will be quite an experience for me. Everyone I know at Uni has been besides me because there isn’t one in my hometown.
I will conquer the whole chicken and leave more of a man than when I walked in.’’

Finally Nick Coulsen, chicken commissar, brands Nandos ‘a fine experience’ with fast service that will bring visitors to the area and brands the service ‘as quick as he is in bed’ and he assures us that’s very quick.

Here at The Tab we’re peri peri happy, get ready to be Clucked this summer…