Brighton Pride cancelled for second year in a row

Brighton pride announces that this year’s festival will be cancelled due to Covid-19.

Earlier today, organisers of Brighton Pride announced that for the second year in a row the festival will not be going ahead amidst fears of huge crowds worsening the spread of Covid-19.

Last year marked the 30th Anniversary of Brighton Pride, and many were excited by the previous announcement that it would be going ahead this year. However, with the mass number expected to attend, the main events such as the village party and the community parade have been cancelled.

Brighton and Hove Pride have released a statement saying that they are “heartbroken” over this new announcement. Details on Brighton and Hove’s Pride website state “the many uncertainties that need to be resolved to safely deliver mass gatherings and the complexities of organising Pride in our city are impossible to achieve in the time we have… We cannot risk the health and safety of Pride visitors, residents and the hundreds of staff and volunteers that help deliver Pride.”

This statement has led to some questioning the likelihood of other large events over the summer still happening. If Brighton Pride has been cancelled due to safety concerns, how likely is it that others will follow suit?

For those who have already bought their tickets, the statement mentions that you can apply for a refund on your ticket, let it roll over into Pride 2022, or donate the sum of the ticket to Brighton Rainbow Trust.

Organisers have stated that smaller events in line with Covid-19 restrictions will still happen across the summer so there will still be some opportunity to experience the festival.