ITV Studios is looking for Brighton locals to appear on Come Dine With Me

You best get perfecting your pesto pasta

Have you ever dreamt of being told you’ve got a sad little life? Or do you fancy ruining someone’s night by winning a large wad of cash? Well look no further because ITV Studios is looking for Brighton locals to take part in Channel 4’s iconinc show Come Dine With Me.

If you live in the city and think you rustle up some award winning pesto pasta then here’s how you can get involved.

Over the course of a filming week, yourself and four other contestants will take turns to wine and dine eachother. The winner will be able to take home 1,000 smackeroonies.

This could be you

You have seen there’s been some wild moments that have actually happened on the show. So there’s no need to be concered about being too weird or wacky.

You do have to be at least 18 years old to apply and you can’t be a professional chef. If you’re keen to show the nation your culinary skills then follow this link.

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