‘I’m a young sex God’: Every time Sussfessions read our mind

‘I ain’t never seen two pretty universities in Brighton, it’s always one of em gotta be ugly’

So much is going on at university. Students have a lot to think about, from time management to planning for the next deadline – it’s a lot. Students have more in common with one another than you actually think. It’s not just deadline stress and freaking out over Zoom breakout rooms. No – it’s more than that. Sometimes it’s the looming debate whether your girlfriend is faking her orgasm or not. Other times it’s getting annoyed when your ass is too voluptuous to fit through the aisles of the campus co-op.

Scrolling through Sussfessions made us realise that we aren’t the only ones who think this way, Sussex students share a lot with eachother. It’s beautiful. Here are the best bits:

‘Shit on that’

Me, I regret it all, I regret absolutely everything

If you haven’t pretended to be at a rave yet, what are you doing?

People on Elm Grove have seen me pass out too many times

You’re lying if you say you remember your lecture content

Don’t be silly, no one knows what they want for dinner

Did it all happen at once to you too?

They’re probably not

Finally, someone SAID IT

*Puts finger down*

And let me tell you, it ain’t Sussex

Ya’ll been sleeping on Carly

I will destroy any smoke alarm

I can’t think of one uni student who knows how to wash up properly

Anyone who calls themselves a ‘young sex god’ is definitely not a sex god











You are living the dream, baby

We are really going through it

Woe is me x

This is so relatable