Self-care accounts that all Sussex students should be following this lockdown

Memes, pups, encouragement and aesthetic pics to brighten up your day

Let’s face it, the second wave of lockdown is tough on everyone, but particularly for students. Not being able to socialise in a pub, pretend to work out in the gym or eat some hangover grub at Elm Grove café is rough. The only form of social contact outside of your uni house is meeting one pal for exercise, which isn’t exactly appealing to most of us. This means that a lot of university students are struggling with their new daily routine and are in need of some self-care to lift their spirits, and The Sussex Tab has got you covered.

Here are some self-care accounts that all Sussex students should be following this lockdown.

The Brighton Student Bible

Credit: @brightonstudentbible, Instagram

The Brighton Student Bible is filled with memes, student hacks and tips if you’re in need of some validation when you’re struggling with lockdown or uni life. We are all on our own coronacoaster of life right now and that’s ok, we can drown our sorrows together.

Brighton Up Daily

Credit: @brightonupdaily, Instagram

Brighton Up Daily promise to make life a bit more cheerful, providing aesthetic pictures of Brighton and inspiration for places to walk, eat and visit on a sunny day. You can almost hear the seagulls screeching and preparing to steal your chips – what’s not to love?

The Sussex Tab

Credit: @the_sussex_tab, Instagram

A shameless self plug, but The Sussex Tab Instagram is the place to be. As a triple threat, we produce all the best memes and aesthetics of Sussex and Brighton as well as daily news updates on what’s happening at university as well as in Brighton. As a Sussex student, you should give us a follow and see for yourself.

Brighton Dogs Official

Credit: @brighton_dogs_official, Instagram

This is a place where the people of Brighton and Hove submit photos of their dogs. If you’re homesick and in need of some puppy love, this is the page for you. You can find pretty much any breed of dog on this page and imagine your future dog after your degree- our pick is this little Dachshund called Coco. Sausage + dog = cuteness.

Brighton Peeps

Credit: @brightonpeeps, Instagram

The world can feel like a really strange place right now, and kindness and compassion are keeping many people going, which is what makes this page so heart-warming. Brighton Peeps is dedicated to the thoughts and feelings of people in Brighton, how and why some people live or work here as well as their life stories. This chap is called Pauly The Painter and he aims to raise £40,000 for charity by selling a series of lockdown paintings which is really inspiring.

Stacie Swift

Credit: @stacieswift, Instagram

Stacie Swift is a children’s book illustrator who posts inspirational sayings each day. It can be so helpful to follow pages who encourage you to be kind to yourself and which acknowledge the difficulty that lockdown poses on people.

Adam J.Kurtz

Credit: @adamjk, Instagram

Similar to Stacie Swift, Adam J.Kurtz also provides self-care tips. His feed is full of things to do when you’re unsure what to do. He also makes free downloadable activity pages for if you’re bored, feeling low or just in need of something different to do to feel more productive – handy!

Recipes for self love

Credit: @recipesforselflove, Instagram

Finally, we have Recipes For Self Love. The caption says it all really, they hope to help people practice self love more often, which can be difficult in lockdown. Their feed provides daily pick-me-up, inspirational quotes to help lift your spirits and be proud of who you are.

We hope these Instagram accounts can help you feel a bit more uplifted and remember, you’re doing the best you can in the current situation. Here are some links if you need some support:

Brighton and Hove Samaritans

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