These are the 9 most relatable moments for Sussex students from this year’s Bake Off

Bake Off’s been the only good thing to come out of 2020

When we think of Bake Off we think of the seminal classic, treasured by all brits, the absolute saviour of 2020. Life may be harder now with everything going on, but at least every Tuesday at 8pm we know we have that one thing to get us through. Whether it’s Paul Hollywood’s blue steely eyes, Noel’s wacky clothing choices, or Prue’s funky glasses, we always know that Tuesday nights are going to be great.

The series so far has had some classic moments that all Sussex students are sure to relate to, from Sura’s upside down cake gate, to simply the icon that is Lottie, a Sussex local. Let’s take a step away from the chaos and get into the wholesomeness of Bake Off.

1. ‘Don’t forget, you only have to be not the worst’

Famous last words of anyone you’re working with in a group project – as long as you actually do something, you’re okay.

2. Walking past the Fishbowl Office in Falmer House

Ah Falmer House, how we miss the late nights spent there planning societies, trying to avoid making eye contact with whoever is unlucky enough to be in the glass monolith that is the Fishbowl Office.

 3. ‘Who just said they’re having fun?’

One word: stairs. Basil Spence, architect of Sussex’s buildings, really was sadistic, building artificial hills so us students have extra stairs to walk up (yes, that’s why the library is on a hill). Spare a thought for the new East Slopers trying to scale those formidable stairs after a heavy night in Falmer Bar.

4. ‘Do you want to lift your arms up?’ ‘No’

The awkwardness in any seminar or lecture, even amplified by breakout rooms and all online teaching. Always only the keenest wanting to participate and answer questions, fearing getting something wrong in front of 300 other people.

5. ‘And then I was like crying into my dinner’

When you accidentally take the 25 instead of the 25X and end up being 20 minutes late home, missing the first 10 minutes of Bake Off, scaring your flatmates, and generally just being sad. 25X is (bar quick Aldi trips) always the best bus, no doubt.

6. ‘Just want to curl up in a ball and die quietly’

We’ve all seen it, heard of it, had it happen to us. Walking out of the Union Shop with a cheeky samosa and bam, seagull attack. RIP our quick snack, our delicious sarnie, our chips on the beach. No heartbreak compares to a seagull attack.

7. ‘And I think you were probably hypnotised by my beauty’

Ever been in Falmer Bar and just completely forgotten everything you want to order? Many Sussfessions thirst over the staff at Falmer Bar and the Co-Op, much like in this Bake Off scene.

8. ‘There’s your gold star’

Hey, 2020 may be a bit sucky, but Kelly Coate’s emails reminding us we still exist and we’re still okay are at least something to keep us going, despite all the chaos. Just like Bake Off.