We asked and you delivered – here are Sussex’s fittest boys in chains

Think Connell from Normal People vibes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, BBC 3’s Normal People has left the nation drooling over an Irish, blue eyed, chain wearing young man. His name is Connell Waldron, and he is played by Paul Mescal.

Connell’s iconic chain has stolen the hearts of the watchers, with even an Instagram account appearing to lust over all-things-chain.

So obviously inspiration hit and we advertised on our Insta for any and all of the fit guys at Sussex who wear chains. Don’t worry, we’ve added their Instagram handles as well for all those wishing to spread the chain-love even further.

Up first we have Massimo, @massmontagna

Here we have your classic chain with a cross on it. He’s chosen to go slightly thicker than normal which looks great against the classic black tee.

Up next we have Sam, @sammorgan948

Sam’s opted for a smaller, silver chain. Keeping it simple yet classy seems to come naturally to him.

Next we have Billy, @oillybubridge

Billy is not afraid to show off some colour, and obviously silver goes with everything.

Now we have Korede, @koredesamson

Korede here is no stranger to jewellery, and manages to pull off the chain perfectly. Serious Connell vibes.

Next up is Stanley, @tomastanley

Stanley here has chosen a slightly longer chain paired with a silver snake. Cos who doesn’t love a dangling snake?

Next we have Alex, @northwood__

Alex sports a thick bold chain, great here against the white t-shirt. Definite selfie material.

Up next is Jacob, @jacobhcameron

Keeping it short and silver, Jon manages to capture serious Connell vibes. Wonder if he has an Irish accent too?


William is up next, @will.2412

Making everyone’s hearts swoon by pairing chain with chest, Will pulls off the Connell look perfectly.

Next we have Owen, @owo_ngee

Owen here has captured the brooding spirit of the chain, pairing it with the timeless flannel and t-shirt combo to really show it off.

Up next is Will, @will_childs

Will is emitting slightly bad boy but serious festival vibes here from his thick, bold chain. He’d fit in with Normal People nicely.

Next, we have Jed, @jedsexton

This funky looking guy sports a cap and a vibrant vest top to accompany his chain. Summertime vibes.

And last but certainly not least, is Tom, @tomxstewart

Tom fashionably pulls off a slightly finer chain. The combo of chain and classic striped shirt works perfectly.

So there you have it – a selection of some of Sussex’s fittest chain-wearing guys. If you, like us, still haven’t got enough of the chain, all episodes of Normal People are available on BBC iPlayer.