Sussex University refuse to announce rent reduction for students stuck on campus

Students being forced to continue to pay rent, despite ongoing pandemic

In response to the previous rent strikes from students stuck on campus, the University has refused to state that they will cut rent for those still living on campus.

While the final term rent for students who left campus has been waived, there are still around a fifth of students having to stay, such as international students who could not return home and so had no choice but to remain on campus.

The University states that “teams are currently running nearly 1000 residential homes” for students that remain on campus and that they are paying “special attention to students who may feel unwell and need to self-isolate”.

While the University offers assurance that they share our concerns regarding those who are stuck on campus, many are understandably frustrated at having to pay rent when remaining there is out of their control.

Speaking to The Sussex Tab, one student said “I am stuck on campus, my parents live in Spain and I am a UK citizen but my well-being has plummeted and now I am being penalised for that by having to pay extortionate rent AND tuition”

“I just want to be with my family right now.”