Brighton Fringe Festival has been cancelled amid coronavirus outbreak

They hope to reschedule for September

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the Brighton fringe festival has been cancelled in May.

Brighton Fringe released a statement that on Twitter saying: “I am devastated to stay that we are unable to proceed in May due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

The statement explains further: “a mere three weeks ago we launched our brochures and ticket sales for 1,035 events in 170 venues, more than 5,500 performances due to take place across the city of Brighton and Hove

“But we won’t give up that easily. After consulting with key stakeholders we are looking to reschedule Brighton fringe to take place in September and October, when we have been advised that it will be safe again to proceed.”

For anyone who owns a ticket, the option is available to keep the ticket for the festival taking place in 2021, or they can be turned into donations  that will be given to participating artists to help ease the financial impact.

More information can be found on their website, here.